While I was out on the water today, WON BASS went and announced a new director. Here’s what I got via email:

Saying he wants to get back to the basics of growing the sport of tournament bass fishing, Harvey Naslund has agreed to once more take the reins of the WON BASS circuit, announced Western Outdoors President/CEO Bob Twilegar.

This will be the third time Naslund has been in charge of the top bass fishing tournament organization in the West and he admits the challenges have never been greater. Naslund says the answer to those challenges is to increase participation in the sport at a grassroots level.

“We’re going to support bass fishing from the bass club level on up with everything from first timer certificates to the exposure offered by Western Outdoor News, wonews.com, wonbass.com and our WON BASS publication,” said Naslund. “There are a lot of options out there and we want to make it easy and fun to fish a WON BASS event.”

Naslund first ran a bass circuit in 1974 when Western Outdoors Publications bought Western Bass. He stayed on until the circuit was sold in 1982, then returned in 1987 with the debut of WON BASS.

“Our first event we had 224 pros at Clear Lake,” recalled Naslund. Under his direction, WON BASS revived tournament bass fishing on the West Coast and in the process resurrected the U.S. Open on Lake Mead.

Naslund retired as director in 1995, but kept his connection to bass fishing by fishing the U.S. Open and team tournaments with friends like longtime Southern California pro Dave Nollar.

“The outdoors field and fishing has always been a big part of my life,” said Naslund. “Here’s hoping the third time’s the charm.”


8 Responses to “Naslund returns as WON BASS Director”

Good move WON BASS!

by John Caulfield

I spoke to Harvey yesterday and he sounded energized. He knows that he’s got a big challenge ahead of him but I have a hunch this will be well received by both the fishermen and the industry. I am very happy about Harvey’s return.

Anybody that’s old enough to have fished a Harvey-run tournament, you got to love him coming back! No-nonsense, but still listened to the fishermen, Harvey’s return is just what Won Bass and the west needs. Can’t wait to fish a Won Bass event now!

I met, and spoke with Harvey at this last US Open. Yes, he is extremely knowledgeable about the industry, fishermen, and what makes circuits successful! I look forward to fishing the WON Bass!

I just spent an hour talk’in to Harvey. Gave him some idea’s for Northern California Teams and Pro-Am’s to consider. What I gave him in an Idea to consider has never been done before. Has to put Pencil to paper to “Get Her Done”.

Rich Thiel

The ‘new’ WON BASS is sure off to a shakey start, IMHO, seeing how the Northern Pro/Am schedule has been shaken up and that the Delta event is now scheduled for FEBURARY 6 & 7. I’m not sure why the change, or what the logic or need was trying to be satisfied, but that will not be a good time for a Delta event and will likely result in low participation.

Sure hope the rest of the decisions are sound and favorable – WON BASS could use it, and I’ll be pulling for the organization to right the ship.


I think I spoke to soon, I’ve heard WON wants to lower the US Open fee to $1000. That might be the worst choice ever…. Why lessen the effect of the only credible western event. I hope someone rethinks that idea!

so i was excited to see WON locked up a boat sponsor, even though i sponsor Anglers Choice, i am a huge fan of the US OPEN………….it is an event that needs to stay in place!!! i even went as far as negotiating a boat for that one event if all else fails for WON. but i have to agree with John dropping the entry is a huge mistake……… why take the crown jewel of western fishing and whore it out!!
i would rather see a 1st place go down is cash, pay the additional 90k ( based on 150 boats ) down through the ranks!!! WON BASS could keep their same take and keep the validity of the event. The US OPEN has been dying because WON lost touch with the anglers, all 25000 plus in California alone……and i referring to the die hard ones, this has lead to poor marketing!! the US OPEN could draw 150 pros every year with some basic marketing changes!!!! guarentee it………….