Babb cover shotJust this week, I sent a message through channels to IGFA: “What’s the hold-up on that Kurita recognition?”

But, maybe, just maybe, the planets are aligned one last time for the man (and his story) who caught the enigmatic world record largemouth bass back in 1932. I say that, earnestly, having just this afternoon, received a wonderful volume for review entitled, Remembering George W. Perry.

Written by Perry’s long-time chronicler and family friend, Bill Baab of of Augusta, Georgia, the 160-page paperback looks and feels so appropriate to the catch that has stood the test of time…or at least, up to whatever moments of time it has left. From the earliest accounts, both tainted and accurate, including the story of the previous record that Perry broke, to his many exploits as a pilot and his dedication (even heroism) as a friend and caregiver, it’s obvious, the life of George Perry was much more than a fish story.

Even as I write this, I keep opening up the book to check on accounts, including the presence of a photo of the record fish that for so long everyone said did not exist. Then there is a caricature of him from the 1970’s that appeared in Bassmaster Magazine, and all the repeated assaults on his record including many from California, plus the several tributes after his death (in a private plane crash) in 1974. They add up to a truly stirring account.

Yes, Baab has been a George Perry pundit throughout his career, but I trust this work. Knowing a little of the task of gathering family histories, it’s evident the author has done his part to gather and assemble the facts, while still acknowledging the fringe accounts, in addition to the many layers of mythology that have colored how we feel about his (Perry’s) day on Lake Montgomery so long ago.

Yes. I sense that Bill feels good about his work. I think you will too.

Hey, we can’t do anything about the future world record catches, but we will be richer for knowing about the existing one. It’s here in Remembering George W. Perry, ($24.95 retail) in black and white, available at


2 Responses to “Just in time: George Perry story unveiled”

Hey George,

Thanks for the heads-up on this. I look forward to reading it. True, false or what-have-you, Perry’s record is the benchmark we all strive to break and one that will still be in the record books as the longest-held record of all fishing time.


I completely agree, Terry. And I would add, the U.S. Government (Postal Service) has been able to accurately weigh standardized pounds and ounces (just like the Bassmasters) since the 1800’s. Heck, they even had radios and airplanes in the 1930’s!