isabella beast

When I fish, I prefer a lot of bites. If you’re gonna be out there, you might as well be busy. But then, when you get a message like the one I got from Rusty Brown, it’s probably okay to get just one bite–if it’s this good.

Thanksgiving Day he was up at Isabella and found himself over at Rocky Point in the morning, fishing 49 degree water. Sometime around 9 a.m., from about 18 feet of water, he got his first (and only) bite of the day.

But it turned out to be a good one. Thumping his brown and purple Proline jig with a brown Uncle Josh jumbo pig, the trophy buried the scale at 13.75 pounds. Brown said: “You’ve got to be ready when that one bite comes.”

So I’m ready, already.


3 Responses to “Isabella Beast: One bite may be all you get”

WAY TO GO Rusty!!! Awesome fish my friend!


Wow! Nice fish. Good job!

Not a bad fish my friend.