The next guy who looks you in the eye and uses the words “smart business,” “bankruptcy,” and “Irwin Jacobs” needs a poke in the eye with a push-pole.

After reading the latest Bassfan update on the assets bidding process and the time schedule for everything to be concluded or in other words, how many shrunken heads will the industry sustain, I’m wondering just how badly will FLW Outdoors be decimated in this realm of “smart business?”

Oh yeah. And then we have our touring pros driving the likes of Yamaha-powered Rangers, wondering when or if they will be yet be under contract in the coming year. As the story says, the final deadline on the matter is just one week ahead of the National Guard Series with no sure prospects in place.

Yep. It’s all good. Everything is just the way they planned it–hanging right on the cliff.


3 Responses to “Precipice even closer for Genmar bankruptcy”

by Robert Schneider

Good Grief!!

Yesterday I would have thought the fat lady had started to sing. Today FLW announces Ranger contingencies. Not the half million Cup bonus but still Ranger involvement in every FLW circuit. Whodda thunk?

by George Kramer

I think this is more evidence of the tournament industry going retro. Is what FLW/Ranger offering enough to keep a touring pro on the job? I think the fat lady is singing; we just haven’t figured out what the words really mean.