HOW BAD WAS ITThere was a time, you know, when I thought thermal underwear was extravagant and rain suits for firemen. There have been many, many seasons of waiting in line all night before a lake opened, using a towel for a blanket and a tackle box for a pillow.

The worst of those were facing bitter, post-frontal conditions, checking my watch every 15 minutes looking up at “Orion’s belt”–too chilled to sleep, just hoping the hours would hurry up and pass.

No, I confess, I never had to endure the snow. But then, I’m a lot closer to the equator than Lake Shasta.  But up at Lake Henshaw, I’ve had the guides and tip freeze–sometimes before a bait ever hit the bottom.

Outside of SoCal, I’ve seen the winds on Lake Mead rip roof tiles off a cabin and throw them on the patio. But yes, we still went out in that, if we could find some marina, somewhere that was half-protected.

But not anymore.  Tournaments are rare now, so I don’t have many of those  “have to go” trips. And for the rest of the bad weather days, when I might go out, I have all the warm, dry gear. Still, I can’t believe how many I once endured, just to catch one or two or three–so I could look in the mirror and say what a great bass fisherman I was.

Nope. Not anymore. I admit I’m not that good. And I’ll take my chances on some sunny day.

Photo: Lake Elsinore Bass Club members braving conditions.


3 Responses to “Sometimes you just need to stay home…”

by Robert Schneider

So I take it you don’t want to make the run to Santa Catalina with me tomorrow. LOL
I’ve already crossed off that option. I may still go to Diamond Valley if the weather looks decent in the morning.

So when did you take that photo?

That’s one from maybe a year and a half ago. Obviously still launching at Seaport, but it could have been a TBF event, for that matter.

lol I said almost the same thing to my brother the other day. great article George.