excuses artTournament bass fishing is tough at any level, and winning is the toughest accomplishment of all. Unfortunately, those who don’t win (which is all but one guy or team) often feel the compelling need to explain why they didn’t get it done. From the Tri-Hull Bass Club of Tulare to the Bassmaster Elites, it seems there is always a story.

But pardon me. Don’t a lot of those stories sound like excuses? Here are some of my favorites:

1. “The locals were all over my spot.” The facts: Well, of course, they were. That’s because the spot you were fishing wasn’t actually your spot, it was theirs. The locals didn’t seem to bother the spots where the winner was fishing.

2. “I couldn’t get the big bite.”  (Arizona version: “I couldn’t get a kicker.”) The facts: Yes, there are waterways that seem better suited for one-fish derbies, but if you’re 8 to 12 pounds off the pace, you’re not in contention as much as you think you are. (And in Arizona, BTW, there are no kickers; you need to find a school that average a quarter pound more.)

3. “I drew out late” (often heard with the qualifying statement, “My bite was early.”) The facts: Somehow the other competitors who also had late draws during the tournament, still caught more than you.

4. “His AAA caught all the fish.” The facts: Yes, the co-angler partner was holding the rod and reel, but the pro was running the trolling motor to position on the spot. Question: How come the other guy’s boat was around more fish than yours?

5. “All he does is fish.” The facts: No, he sometimes watches TV and sleeps in his motel room all night. Question: But since it is a fishing tournament, what would you expect your competitors to do?

6. “I lost two 5-pounders at the boat.” Fact: That’s why tournaments only count the fish that you bring to the weigh-in. Question: Would you feel any better or would it make any difference if you lost them at the end of your cast?

These are my favorites, do you have any other excuses you’d like to add to the list?


7 Responses to “Excuses, excuses: Another year winds down”

by Robert Schneider

1. “I was fishing with George.”
2. “My partner never pre-fishes.”

Merry Christmas George.

Same to you and yours, Robert.

How do you know it was a five pounder you lost? You must have that new digital readout on your reel that tells you how much the fish weighs…Merry Xmas

I had all the right GPS coordinates, but the damn system went blank first thing in the morn’in.

Its unfair, the tackle shop guys get all the info. U betcha. Merry Xmas George. Rick G.

I thought the tackle shop guys DID get all the info. Especially at your shop…lol.

And yes, a Merry Christmas to all!

“The conditions changed and messed my bite up.” Fact: Conditions are always changing. Question: Why didn’t you see the changes and recognize the fact you should have changed too?

“I was on 20-pound limits in prefish but my fish disappeared.” Fact: More tournaments are won during prefish. Question: Why the heck did you catch all your fish in practice? Don’t you know they aren’t gonna fall for it a day or two later?