Since Bassmaster Magazine and the Japanese bass fishing community have pretty much settled on the July-caught 22-and-then-some-pounder as the new all-tackle, world record largemouth, wouldn’t you know it, the so-called “Million Dollar Bass” is already trying to earn its keep.

I know it because webmeister Steve Vonbrandt on the other coast sent the following email that could net you a nice bit of bass fishing memorabilia:

“I am speaking with Manabu Kurita the new world record largemouth bass holder right now on the phone through his interpretor and he is asking me if I would like to have the POSTERS he is making up of the NEW WORLD RECORD BASS at a special price? These posters will be signed by Manabu Kurita and I am sure will be a collectors item.

“They will be $30.00 US and I will get a picture of the signed posters first very soon before you place the order. This is a one time offer at this price and I will not be doing it again. I am making nothing on it and don’t want to fool with it after this so if you guys want any, now is the time.”

Says Steve, “Just stop in the site and PM me or email me and Ill set it up.” (Click here.) BTW: his email is


8 Responses to “Want a ‘World Record’ poster from Japan?”

Pass, but thanks for passing it along George. Not sure it is going to be a ‘best seller’ here in the States, even at that generously-discounted rate.


You say that now, Tunaman…but don’t you know somebody will have one up on eBay for 500 bucks before you and I decide what to have for lunch. And then, if IGFA says the right thing…somebody else around the world is going to buy the darn thing!

I already have a picture WITH (yes, holding) the largest LMB there ever was….it was caught out of Lk Dixon & weighed 25-1. She is a little faded & “chilling out” @ Humboldt State at the moment.

C’mon, now. “World records” are lawfully taken, witnessed, certified and ratified sport catches. Anything else is larceny.

I have the original poster in the mail coming to me from Japan now. lol

I have ordered the posters of the new worldrecord bass and when they arrive I will make a post. Here is the sample of it. The price is $19.95 each plus shipping. If you live close to me you can call and pick it up instead. You can decide what method of shipping when you order. Anyone who wants one of these should make a reservation as they are limited in quantity.Make a post here with your name saying you want one, and then send me an email with all the information needed such as your full name and address and when they arrive I will notify you with an email, and you can decide on the type of shipping at that time. I will give several options with different prices. When you send the email put WORLD RECORD BASS POSTER in the header so it is not picked up by spam. Send the reservations to

The posters arrived today in a LIMITED quantity, and I have sold all but three of them, so if you want one now is the time, and the price is as low as it gets.