Just a heads up. I can’t sit in front of this machine every day.

This morning, I’m headed south to fish with Dean Rojas at Lake Murray in San Diego. He’s making a holiday visit to his old stomping grounds, and it will be nice to fish some clear, but 58 degree water for a change. Rojas sponsor rumors? I don’t think they’re rumors….

Wednesday, I’ll have the story–at least the abbreviated one–of Escondido ranger Jay Cowan, who says good-bye to Lake Wohlford after 32 years of service. He’s seen it all, and shares a few monster moments. Is it true? Yes, Cowan and Kramer both started their full-time careers in 1977.

Thursday, unless something breaks bigger, I think I might offer up an analysis of the new bass fishing circuit, the CBC (California Bass Championships). The director has been gracious enough to share some important data on the early response by anglers. You can’t imagine (or maybe you can) what the numbers tell me.

After that, it’s buying the new fishing license for 2010, rushing to spend my Christmas gift cards and waiting for the phone or email to ping.

Oh yeah. For those still interested in the Genmar deal, the dates previously published by bassfan.com on the process of sale of assets will be as follows:

–Jan. 4, 2010 — Due date for bids

–Jan. 7, 2010 — Auction

–Jan. 13, 2010 — Sale approval hearing

–Jan. 20, 2010 — Closing



2 Responses to “Next up: Dean Rojas, Cowan farewell, CBC…”

The CBC was a “SMASH”. I haven’t seen anything like it in 30+ yrs of Fishing.

Rich Thiel

What’s the hold up? Tell us about the Reaper bite!!!! Heard you guys were gettin’ some big ones when I talked to Kelly.