Murray mouthfulUPDATED, New Year’s Day–New Year’s resolutions are almost a punchline as we turn the page on the last 12 months, and consider what’s ahead. But this year, in particular, I’ve been influenced to step mine up on several fronts, even fishing. The secret to resolutions, which are a form of goal-setting, is to actually write them down, and more than that, check back regularly to see how we’re doing. In other words, have some accountability.

One’s bass fishing, I’m convinced, could be greatly improved using the same formula. Therefore, I have resolved to take some steps that can improve my game.

No. 1–I’m going to spend a lot more time with a bait/method that is relatively new to my fishing. Like everyone else, I have my favorites, my stronger methods, but if I want to be more well rounded, I have to spend some increased hours with something else, something that’s not as comfortable now.

You read it here: Swimbaits/big baits. The antithesis of my “more bites, please” mentality–I’m going bigger in 2010.

No. 2–I’m going to find a bait that worked for me in the past, but that I have abandoned. Because of the trendy nature of so many bass fishing techniques and the lures those methods force us to purchase, we sometimes get away from things that have been staples in the past. I have a garage and office full of things that were once in my top tray.

My comeback bait for 2010–the jig. I’m going to mix with pork or plastic, shallow and deep, and find the old groove that once made this bait so reliable for me.

No. 3–I want to refine a method has been a bacon-saving, bass kicker for the last two years. What’s the biggest enemy of a successful fisherman? I say it’s pride. We have some good days, and maybe even a few good seasons with a method, that we tend to think we have cornered the market on what it takes to catch ’em with our specialty. And what happens if we don’t get a grip? Time passes us by, as well as many of our fishing peers and suddenly we’re behind the curve.

In the world of under-spins, the Road Runner, in particular, has been a crazy, head-shaking surprise, but the genre has so much more to offer. I’m going for it in 2010!

Of course, what’s good about these resolutions is they can be tailored right to your own approach on the waters you are most likely going to fish. But they also can be adjusted to fit waters you may now have on your calendar whether for vacations, tournament circuits or even championship events.

But write ’em down. Put the stuff back on the top shelf of your box. Make notes on how you are doing. It can’t help but make you a better fisherman (and that means your going to be catching more bass!)

Don’t wait for it to happen, make it a Happy New Year.

So what resolutions will you make this year?


4 Responses to “Resolutions for catching more bass in 2010”


Jig is a given, PERIOD!!!!

Now swimbaits, I’ve been involved in SB for about 3-4yrs heavy. Put my biggest (Most) fish in with a SB. Too cover the column of water for the Delta; BlackDog, MS Slammers, 316 Lure Co. and the Osprey Talon…and by the way if he reads your Blog….Thank you Butch Brown for your generosity.

Rich Thiel

Forgot also JSJ Baits, 10.73


by George Kramer

I made my resolutions, Rich. I want everyone to make their own for 2010. 😉

While I’m not much of a fisherman, I appreciate your resolve to make, record, and follow-up on your resolutions.

Good Luck and Good Fishin – Jim