I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that in addition to several brick & mortar Halls of Fame, (IGFA, National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame, San Diego Hall of Champions and Bass Fishing Hall of Fame) there is at least one cyber bass fishing Hall, and it’s “located” right here in the Golden State.

Leftcoastbass.com is soliciting votes (one per IP) among a list of 15 candidates that it has posted. (more…)

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Here’s a news flash! Waiting for the International Game Fish Association to rule on the potential Japanese world record bass is like waiting for your next birthday. You know it’s coming, but you don’t know if you’re going to live that long. But here’s what just came by email: “No decision yet on possible record bass caught in Japan.”

Specifically, their latest release states: “The IGFA is still waiting (more…)

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mike bent rodLike any topic, there is a long and a short version. Because new people continue to want information, I asked three-time U.S. Open winner Mike Folkestad to talk in the most basic terms about drop-shotting, a staple in the finesse fishing game.

It wasn’t easy, but I got him to condense the method into three key points. Interestingly, he says, those are: “Knowing what’s down there, positioning for control and developing your feel.” (more…)

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BU lead photoWith a couple of clicks on a keyboard or remote and you can access the latest, hottest information on absolutely any aspect of bass fishing. However, using exactly the same technology, you can also as easily access the latest hype, ear hustle or disinformation just as fast.

So where do you find the groundwork for this popular game? Where is the field-proven methodology? And where can someone go to ask the questions that will make sense of it all?

Brent Ehrler of Redlands says he knows. (more…)

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Salt creek above canyon lakeDon’t run out and buy a 24-foot deep vee, but there is some reason for optimism following this past week’s series of winter storms in western Riverside County.

Okay, it was just inches at ground zero. According to the Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District (click here) the Elsinore level rose about .23 of a foot, or nearly 2 1/2 inches.

That’s not much, but when you consider (more…)

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quagga blocked

While paranoia, financial or otherwise, drives water agencies to demand boat inspections, quarantines and “seals” to try to curb the spread of quagga mussels in California, much of the world looks on with curiosity.

Take what appears to be a launch ramp, fully extended down into the water, even at the current low level at Lake Wohlford. It looks like a ramp, but the barriers at the top say it’s not. No inspections, no seals, no nothing will get you on. (more…)

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wet road, am. flagUPDATED–Maybe you heard. It was raining in Hemet today. (And everywhere else.) But that didn’t stop anglers from competing and supporting the cause of Valley Wide Recreation.

The National Best West crew performed admirably, working with 53 bass fishing teams, 19 striper boats and a pair of trout entries representing all categories in the contest. (NBW will have the final count and official stats.)

BBZ bass, DVLNo, I don’t have the weights. I really didn’t want to poach NBW and I expect they will have full results and images on their site (click here) at sometime. But I can tell you, the fishermen raised a total of $5,470 for the cause and the benefit tournament paid out over $9500 in cash–a pretty nice combination.

From my time on-site I can tell you there seemed to be a number of limits from 14 to 19 pounds, and when I headed back out on the wet roads (was checking some flows in Salt Creek) Mike Nemec had the largest fish going 7.48 pounds, that fell for a 6-inch BBZ. (more…)

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Screamers are backThe topic has come up from time to time (north of San Diego) wondering if the FlutterCraft brand is still around or is it possible to get certain baits–particularly the worm known as the Screamer.

Of course, the answer is “Yes.” Frank and Jeanne Pasalich of Poway not only own the Fisherman’s Outpost tackle shop, their building also includes the manufacturing equipment for molding all of the old FlutterCraft plastics.

That’s not to say every shape is available currently. “I hope to push some more out as soon as I can,” (more…)

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Twin Peaks WohlfordUPDATE (Friday afternoon): The breakfast was fabulous at the Lake Wohlford Resort cafe, but the bass bite was nil. Rainbows to 6 1/2 pounds had the folks occupied. Would have liked to look at the bait and bottom situation, but no sonar on the rentals.

While a lot of guys in this area are thinking ice jigs and spoons for the benefit deal at Diamond Valley on Saturday, tomorrow my own prefish will be farther south–at another lake where the bite is reported to be slow.

Don’t ask me why, but Kellen Ellis of SDFish.com and I are going to the annual media breakfast and fishing adventure–at Lake Wohlford in the morning, expecting rain. (more…)

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Going homeHawaii Mars, the fire-fighting seaplane from Canada, left for home this morning, leaving a few days ahead of its scheduled departure date.

According to one lake official I spoke with, the contract date was actually Dec. 12, but with all the Southland areas still wet from Monday’s rain and more forecast through the weekend, (more…)

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