The bass fishing landscape has changed drastically in this bad economy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some great destinations–especially for smallmouth.

Guide Bill McBurney ( reminded me that already, even at that latitude, there are fish to catch and it’s going to get steadily better in the coming weeks. I pressed him about what the locals might be doing and what can someone expect if they go.

I’m sure he was smiling when he responded, (more…)

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I still like their concept, but even a magnetic water like Diamond Valley Lake was not enough of a ‘carrot’  for the second round of the California Bass Championships, on tap tomorrow.

I’m not saying 40 anglers (of a possible limit of 50) is a bad showing, because it’s not. But even at a bargain basement $118 entry fee with Diamond Valley’s lure of 20- to 25-pound bags for the top 10, CBC could not claim a full house (according to their website). Of course, 40 guys is a dump truck more than the 18 anglers at Castaic a week or so ago, (more…)

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After qualifying 28 times for the Bassmasters Classic I guess it’s hard to be surprised. Former Oroville native Gary Klein has just about seen it all in his attempts to reach the pinnacle of the sport.

Some say he’s already done that. After all, he has twice earned Angler of the Year honors on the tour. But public sentiment, and knowledge of the long history of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society, suggests that winning the Classic–the World Championship–is a crowning feat.

Coming to Lay Lake, Feb. 19-21, for certain, there will be no surprises. This is the fourth time (more…)

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UPDATE: And of course, less than 48 hours following the patent announcement below, Humminbird did file suit against Lowrance in Federal Court for patent infringement.

No, there’s no new bankruptcy action that I’ve heard about, but news of a new patent in the electronics field might end up in litigation, if things go like they usually do. The reason? Humminbird has just been granted a patent on its sidescan sonar unit, and that is bound to have an effect on the market place, possibly regarding existing units or perhaps new entrants into the market, if an infringement is suspected.

The official announcement today went like this: (more…)

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It doesn’t seem like it, but it was 12 years ago Ramona’s Dean Rojas left San Diego County for the bright lights of the national tournament scene. But here in 2010 he has a date (Feb. 19-21) with Lay Lake near Birmingham, Ala. and his eighth shot at a Bassmasters Classic title.

In the eyes of much of the bass fishing world, a Classic win is tantamount to a World Championship, and most certainly it is not out of the reach of the pro who now calls Lake Havasu City home. After all, this particular Classic water is well suited to Dean’s effective shallow water attack.

Lay Lake is one of several dams on the Alabama River (more…)

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WEST MARINA Saturday morning.

UPDATED SATURDAY 11 a.m.–Steady on the rise here at the pond. Most of the south boundary of the West Marina is again underwater as you can see by the bushes and picnic table. There is another shot of the at the end that shows the Seaport Landing ramp–and it is now open for business.

With record flows coming through the San Jacinto River and run-off all around the valley, Lake Elsinore water is rising faster than anyone had expected. (more…)

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A little something different, and even affordable, Pinnacle Fishing has come up with a smooth little reel that doesn’t cost much and even offers a cool feature for the finesse fishing baitcasters.

We know about some other reels that have an “inch-along” feature with the idea of moving the bait in small increments without having to raise the rod tip. The  Pinnacle Vision Slyder model, however, (more…)

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UPDATED, Friday 10 a.m.–Yes, it was a record flow yesterday, but a record flow for this date. The current flow of over 1200 cfs is also a record dating back to the 1900’s, before there was even a dam on the river.

UPDATED 7:15 p.m.–It’s even wilder than we thought out here at Lake Elsinore. A new all-time (as far as records have been kept) flow has been measured coming into the lake–2,320 cubic feet per second, surpassing the 1750 cfs from 1916.

The chart posted now reflects the most up-to-date measurements, including those I talked about this morning. There was a huge surge of water coming over the Canyon Lake spillway late this afternoon. (more…)

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He wasn’t doing it just few seasons back, but Brent Ehrler, fresh from yet another nice payday, has actually made some changes in his finesse game and it’s making a big difference in performance. (Can you tell what it is from the photo?)

Whether he’s going with the drop-shot, shaky head or wacky jig, the secret is not the worm color or some other little wrinkle, but rather an upgraded tackle approach that allows him to incorporate longer casts, better sensitivity and abrasion resistance all in one. (more…)

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Stuff costing what it does these days, and none of us wanting to let go of too much cash, there was an interesting arrangement just announced between Abu Garcia, manufacturers of the Revo reels and WileyX, the guys who make the bulletproof sunglasses.

Beginning immediately and extending through September 7, 2010, anyone who buys any Abu Garcia® Revo™ reel over $159.95 will receive a free pair of Wiley X polarized sunglasses, valued at $126 retail. (more…)

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