Stuff costing what it does these days, and none of us wanting to let go of too much cash, there was an interesting arrangement just announced between Abu Garcia, manufacturers of the Revo reels and WileyX, the guys who make the bulletproof sunglasses.

Beginning immediately and extending through September 7, 2010, anyone who buys any Abu Garcia® Revo™ reel over $159.95 will receive a free pair of Wiley X polarized sunglasses, valued at $126 retail. Specifically that refers to either WileyX model: the P-17GM™ with polarized emerald mirror/amber tint lenses or the Zak™ with polarized blue mirror lenses.

The eyewear masters say both pairs feature “Wiley X’s Filter 8™ polarized impact resistant lens technology, designed expressly to eliminate glare from the water and deliver the intense visual acuity in a wide range of conditions, while providing 100 percent UVA/UVB protection.” Likewise both models are designed with special shatterproof lenses and frames, exceeding exacting ANSI Z87.1-2003 safety and impact standards.

Consumers have to fill out a special coupon (available on counter top displays in tackle shops nationwide) and send it in with proof of purchase (plus shipping and handling) to receive their new WileyX’s.

And that’s pretty cool.