WEST MARINA Saturday morning.

UPDATED SATURDAY 11 a.m.–Steady on the rise here at the pond. Most of the south boundary of the West Marina is again underwater as you can see by the bushes and picnic table. There is another shot of the at the end that shows the Seaport Landing ramp–and it is now open for business.

With record flows coming through the San Jacinto River and run-off all around the valley, Lake Elsinore water is rising faster than anyone had expected. The gauge showed  the lake level at 1242.15, or 2.10 feet higher than Monday. But that reading was at 8 a.m. and the river flows have roared in near the Diamond stadium, home of the class A San Diego Padres affiliate.

The net result is both the city’s main ramp (Seaport Landing) and the Elsinore West Marina are changing. The city ramp now has enough water on it to launch again as the “end of ramp” sign gets farther from the bank. The city, however, has not announced when the gates will be open at the marina.

WEST MARINA on Tuesday.


Over in the northwest corner, the water has covered part of the old campground lot, west of the ramp, changing the configuration of the area adjacent to the channel. West Marina has remained in service throughout the drought period.

While rising water is good news, expect some cautionary announcements from the city with the debris in the water. Likewise, the lake is muddy in many parts, so I wouldn’t be running over there just yet.


SATURDAY Seaport: check the sign.

As a footnote, when I talked to the DFG about its stock pond that will be providing more bass for the lake this winter their response was the rain will also enhance that unknown body of water, and could provide even bigger bass for Elsinore.


7 Responses to “New photos: Elsinore marinas operational”

Nifty before and after shots.

by George Kramer

I bet Noah had some cool stuff too, but nothing digital. 🙂

Hard to do an oil painting when it’s raining.

I cant wait to hit the lake in March-April!


I’ve never been to this lake, but I have to say…very interesting blogs for this. The way you covered it definitely kept my interest and I enjoyed the before and after shots. Nice photos.

by Roberto Rivera

Hi George, I always enjoy reading your articles and website. I also function as a Tournament Director for Bass Ackwards, a OC bass club. Some of the members have stated that they would like to have a tournament in Elsinore. I have not fished it since back in the 90’s and have read about the ups and downs of Elsinore. Although Spring is golden for bass fishing, some members have suggested fishing it in February, stating it warms up earlier than other canyon lakes. I personally think that with the rainy season in full blown it could be a mud hole with a poor bite. What’s your opinion George?

by George Kramer

The weather will always be an issue in the spring. If it’s truly muddy at that time, then yes, it will be tougher. It just rained like crazy, though, and it still has fishable (from a clarity standpoint) areas. Maybe you schedule it, and have a Plan B lake. You’re welcome to check in here for the latest conditions. I’d be happy to give you the straight stuff. 🙂