A little something different, and even affordable, Pinnacle Fishing has come up with a smooth little reel that doesn’t cost much and even offers a cool feature for the finesse fishing baitcasters.

We know about some other reels that have an “inch-along” feature with the idea of moving the bait in small increments without having to raise the rod tip. TheĀ  Pinnacle Vision Slyder model, however, gets that same bait movement by using a finesse wheel on the sideplate that you can turn with your thumb.

It’s really a natural motion you can impart one-handed, (sort of like the wheel on a computer mouse) when you think about it. In fact, in very little time with the Vision Slyder you really won’t think about it at all. Seemingly made for cold weather and slow presentations, you can creep the bait along, but all the while, keep the rod tip low and ready to set the hook.

When you need to pick up line for a standard reel-set, with a 7:1 retrieve speed, this Pinnacle is going to catch up fast, even if the fish swims right at you.

I’m sure you’re squirming over the price, which is right at 70 bucks retail, but the fact is, fat margins are going away in much of the fishing industry. And while you might think of this as a specialty reel (though it has the regular stuff like graphite frame, externally adjustable anti-backlash system, multi-disc drag, machined aluminum spool, and Unlimited Anti-Reverseā„¢) that’s not a lot of money.

Sure, we’re all style and brand conscious, but companies such Pinnacle seem to find it much easier to offer special features without special prices. And as long-time colleague and company spokesman Marc Malkin suggests, “At Pinnacle, we’re really upgrading our products.”


2 Responses to “Vision Slyder cool tool for the finesse guys”

does this reel come in left hand also??????no articles say anything about that

by George Kramer

As of this moment, it’s a right-hander only. Figure it’s a matter of supply and demand for a new introduction. Good question, nick.