I still like their concept, but even a magnetic water like Diamond Valley Lake was not enough of a ‘carrot’  for the second round of the California Bass Championships, on tap tomorrow.

I’m not saying 40 anglers (of a possible limit of 50) is a bad showing, because it’s not. But even at a bargain basement $118 entry fee with Diamond Valley’s lure of 20- to 25-pound bags for the top 10, CBC could not claim a full house (according to their website). Of course, 40 guys is a dump truck more than the 18 anglers at Castaic a week or so ago, but there will always be an issue of angler commitment when the weather is bad, the fishing is tough and the payout deferred.

I am surprised at both showings because I thought, even with fewer competitive anglers (per lake location) down here, these two events would lead the way and it would be those coming later in the season that would have the light turnouts.

The northern fishermen seemed to have embraced the concept, and for them, a trip to the popular Clear Lake for the championship is huge incentive. Despite it’s reputation, however, Clear Lake and cash may not drive the pilgrimage for those in the south who tend to hug our little reservoirs.

Still, it’s too early to make a definitive call. As for DVL tomorrow, we know one thing: 10 will get in, 30 will not.


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I think you called it right, with the finals at Clear Lake being too far for some willing to travel, and it’s what I told Tom L. yesterday was probably why they did not fill down south here. But as I’ve fished it for the past few years (after teaching photo workshops up there, tax write-off), it’s just shy of heaven (along with the Delta) for more than just great bags too! (The Westernbass ‘Nutcase fun-tourney’ is usually there too, they are a blast).

I’m praying to make the qualifier at one of the lakes down south here myself. I’ll probably make it to Clear Lake, qualified or not. Frog fishing in the summer is off the hook there, not to mention the swimbait bite and the average size of the fish is triple or quadruple San Diego lakes.

I wonder if the northern guys will fish this event next year if the championship is at a place in the south like Diamond Valley ?

by George Kramer

You would hope everyone who qualifies will go wherever. But the fact is, not everyone will be as motivated to go the distance if they don’t have some connection with the finals site.

Next year we are coming south for the Championship. It looks like Lake Cachuma but, we aren’t guaranteeing that yet – just that it will be south of mid state (San Luis Obispo)

I think the small turnouts in the south are mostly due to the very small amount of time from announcement to the events. People are still signing up everyday for the southern events and the northern events are sold out. Even though the championship is in NorCal – this will be the easiest year for any socal’r to make it to the finals. The feedback has been tremedous so far and we know next year will be full fields around the state – especially with some of the goodies we have in store for the regionals and the state championship.

GK – give me a call I want to run something by you. Thanks – 415-755-8463

See you all on the water!