I know it’s only five weeks into the new year, but how are you doing on your bass fishing Resolutions?

We talked about these in the last week of December: nothing changes if there is no accountability. But since it was my big idea, here’s what’s happening to me so far.

As for my first resolution of trying something new to add my approach, I’ve had limited time spent with the big baits, but I’ve got the gear and I’m making the throws. Hopefully, when the stormy season subsides (even without trout plants) I can get in sync with the baits and the bass and have something more to report.

As for my second resolution, I have reintroduced myself to the jig, and suddenly the 4-pounders have showed up again. You know me, I’m cheap, but one-dollar BPS jigs with Net Bait trailers are getting them, including this one today in the rain. I even got to use my new Pinnacle Vision Slyder reel. But as you can see, my jig rod has some miles on it.

My third resolve is to better refine a technique that has already been working for me. So far that’s been limited to finding new Road Runner trailer colors (I’ve added yellow and it works in muddy water) and I’ve also sampled the 1/4-ounce model in clear, open water and have topped the 6-pound mark once already. I’ve even gone to braid with a fluoro leader to cut down on line twist.

But I know I’ve still got things to work on. Maybe you too can go back and check what you had resolved for the New Year.

What, you didn’t write them down? No worries. It’s still early in the year and there’s time to work on something to enhance your bass fishing career. Let’s talk about this again in the spring.