You know me. I’m a Bassmasters Classic honk. I like this one-event means of crowning a World Champion. Heck, I even got to ride along for eight of them. This was the event that started it all for the sport at Lake Mead, and by next Sunday at Lay Lake, B.A.S.S. will, indeed, crown a Classic champ.

But it won’t be pretty. Of all the Classics since 1971, none will have less to do about fishing and more about survival. Yes, the U.S. Open under the desert sun is brutal, but at least you can still feel your hands (and every other part of your body).

But in Birmingham, Ala. (site of the Classic) already, the National Weather Service is calling for freezing temperatures for the competition days, according to the updates on If true, the weekend will see temperatures as high as 48 degrees and as low as 31 degrees with snow and rain, after an even colder prefish.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say, “Dean Rojas,  there won’t be much of a frog bite.”

True, somebody will win and somebody will have a story to tell. But there will be almost no chance for the nation of bass anglers to see seamless pattern changes, smart adjustments to condition changes, or anything else that resembles our fishing. After all, didn’t Mom used to say of such behavior, “He’s not smart enough to come in out of the rain?”

I like a challenge, sure. But didn’t we just prefer a balmy Florida to host the Super Bowl of professional football compared to the NFL’s ’67 Ice Bowl in Wisconsin (-13 degrees) or the ’82 Freezer Bowl in Ohio (with -59 degree windchill)?

Sorry, this year’s Classic may be memorable, but doesn’t set up very well as a fishing tournament.


8 Responses to “World Championship of bassing? Not much fun”

You’re right George, but at least it won’t be the Red River.

True. But the Classic guys are going to have to fish. No note from Mom will get them out.

Cold weather venues need a dome. Cold hurts. Fishing is supposed to be fun. Castaic would be nice. ESPN could put up bleachers. It would be like arena football!

by Robert Schneider

George, I take it you’re not going to be riding along in this one. LOL

Your assessment is correct. Plus, the old school print media/Internet media guys have been pushed to the back of the bus over the last decade. TV dominates: but those announcers don’t ask the hard questions. 🙁

Maybe they should have kept it a summer event. And George, you still banned?

No, the ban has been lifted, Rick. They ask me to apply for my press credential every year. But then I figure out my benefits versus costs, so I watch the reruns. 🙂

Ch-ch-championsh-sh-ship B-b-ba-b-b-bass F-f-f-f-f-fishing in F-f-f-f-february? F-f-f-foooooolish. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuu !!!