Funny what gets you motivated–or better, that you really can learn something new every day.

Back on Jan. 2o (Features), Brent Ehrler shared the importance of the braid/fluoro combination for finesse fishing and especially the critical knot. He said double uni. Practice until you can tie it in the dark (or at least the wind) and do so consistently, every time. The reason, you need to rely on that connection between two diverse materials. But I was nervous about my skills.

I went on the web, checked the Power Pro package and found some instruction. But every night as I sat in front of this screen I just couldn’t get myself to step into untried territory…. When suddenly, Jayhawker Ned Kehde, an In-Fisherman contributor and a Midwest finesse fishing expert, chimed in on the Ehrler story, and suggested the Seaguar Knot. That’s what the tuna guys use to splice mono and fluoro (and it’s fast and easy) but I never thought it would overcome slippage of the braid.

But he was right. And I was wrong–at least, wrong not to consider it. Now, suddenly, I’m in full-braid mode, getting longer casts on the little stuff, and putting the hammer down with 18-pound Seaguar fluoro leaders and 30-pound braid for skipping Senkos.

It’s a revelation!

BTW: Here’s the basics from the manufacturer, (click here) or just Google “how to tie the Seaguar knot” and you’ll find a video, if you need it. Just substitute the mono for the braid.


2 Responses to “I can do this braid thing: with a Seaguar knot”

by Robert Schneider

I don’t know George. I’ve been using the uni-uni for about a year now. Careful.

by George Kramer

I would agree after more experimentation. The extra 60 seconds or so it takes to tie the double-uni is worth it with the braid/fluoro connection performance.