UPDATE: ONE HOUR LEFT–With the Bassmasters Classic coming up Friday through Sunday this week, I thought it was time to have a little contest.

There are seven qualifiers* in the field with legitmate western connections. With their current addresses are: Gary Klein Weatherford, Texas; Aaron Martens Leeds, Ala.; John Murray Phoenix, Ariz.; James Niggemeyer Van, Texas; Skeet Reese Auburn, Calif.; Dean Rojas Lake Havasu, Ariz.; and Byron Velvick Del Rio, Texas.

How about you tell me which of the seven will finish the highest? Since there will be a cut going into the final day and we don’t want to give anyone an edge, you need post your answer before 11 a.m. (PST) on Friday, Feb. 19.

At stake is the latest from Sebile, a pack of their award-winning lures (Best of Show- Soft Plastic) from 2009: The Magic Swimmer Soft with its very cool adjustable weight system, plus I’ll include one of Sebile’s unique hard baits. And if we have more than one winner, I’ll just have my granddaughter pull a name out of a hat.

Are we good with that?

* Pros, of course. I don’t do Fed Nation.


31 Responses to “Classic contest: Sebile Magic to the winner”


Gary Klein

I’ll go with Skeet Reese.


James Niggemeyer


I’ll put my money on Martens

Skeet Reese

So far, we’re not yet guaranteed a winner in this contest. Two players have yet to get any love.

But it’s still early… 🙂

I’ll show a little love for the San Diego / Havasu boy and go with Rojas

Going with my buddy John Murray

Dean Rojas!

Aaron Martens all the way – it’s going to be a tough one, and if anyone can figure it out it will be him.


Aaron Martens- For the record I think the guy who put Niggemeyer is insane. Not because James can’t fish, but because the he has had almost zero time on the water.

Byron Velvick

Aaron Martens

Aaron Martens will be the man.



Gary Klein

by David McCormick



Aaron Martens. No doubt. Hope he finishes higher than 2nd.

Good point, Tyler. And by the looks of things so far, Martens is the West Coast favorite.

In the interest of a tie breaker… Martens, Reese, Klein, and Dean….In that order….

by Robert Schneider


But he lives in Alabama now. Do we still want to claim him as a West Coaster ….. dude, Alabama of all places. Geezzzz…

If Aaron hadn’t cut his teeth on Lake Castaic, we wouldn’t care, Robert. “Western connection” because he and the others are near and dear to our hearts. 🙂

by Robert Schneider

But Alabama????!!!!!….
Should be a reason for disqualification. LOL


Guess Niggemeyer is out to prove me wrong. I’m happy for him. I bought a few reels from him off Ebay last year.

How ABOUT Aaron… real good comeback, at least for George’s contest!

And Robert – if you were a Pro who’s business was fishing the tour-level circuit, you might end up there also. Between the cheap property, close access to most of the tour lakes, cost of living and favorable tax status, it was undoubtedly a smart move on his part. He’s got enough family and friends out here to not have to stay back there any longer than he wants.

But I *do* know what you’re saying!