Put it on the trailer, boys (& girl). It was nice of you to come, now go home and try again next time.

That’s all you can say about this year’s Bassmasters Classic on Lay Lake. Fifty-one went out today and 40 limped back. In fact, giving the guys tied for 10th place a chance (5 pounds behind the leader)–is about as hopeful a prediction as I can come up with. (See for yourself.)

And what about our storied western mainstays? They disappeared faster than David Copperfield. They must have left with Elvis. Velvick, 15th with 10 pounds even, Aaron Martens, 22nd with 8-11, John Murray, 25th with 7-12, Dean Rojas 32nd with 6-9, Skeet Reese 37th with 5-o and Gary Klein in 43rd 2-10 is a nightmare come true.

If you’re name isn’t VanDam, Faircloth, Kriet, Pace, Omori, McCaghren, Iaconelli, Biffle, Lane, Niggemeyer or Chapman, you can stay in your hotel room tomorrow. You’re not going to be a Classic champ. And if you do decide to launch, you better bring in a sack worthy of a polygraph test on Saturday. This is Lay Lake, not Clear Lake. There will be no jaw-dropping comebacks.

Now, do I blame the 40-odd guys who weighed zero to 10 pounds and are little dots in VanDam’sĀ  rear-view mirror? Of course not. But as predicted, winter fishing for a warmwater species–on a circuit only held in the spring and summer–sometimes gets ragged results.

Let’s get this over quick. Call me with the winner.

(Oh yeah, and the highest finishing westerner.)


4 Responses to “Bassmasters Classic: It’s one and done for most”

I’m wouldn’t be so quick to write the script on this one. I think big comebacks along with serious stumbles are very possible in this one.

Then it has to happen tomorrow. šŸ™‚

Well the door was left wide open today for someone well back in the pack to make a big charge, but pretty much nobody had a big day, so it looks like you were right. (With the one possible exception of Matt Herren; If he can bag 20 plus tomorrow then he would make it interesting)

Of course, anything can happen. But when you need both a huge number from behind and a huge collapse from the front (from three in the front) it’s not a race I want to gamble my pink slip. šŸ™‚