UPDATED–I guess it’s time to change gears. The Bassmasters are out on the water at Lay Lake, the CBC’s are out on Lower Otay today {actually, they would be on the water on Saturday} and in a few hours I’ve got to help fix a roof before that storm front gets here.

Hey, it’s all good. Isn’t that what they say? But then the alarm suddenly went off this morning at 4:30–a setting from yesterday’s prefish. I didn’t sleep that well anyway, and then I just realized I still have to get paperwork in order to meet with the tax guy this afternoon.

All the while, I’m fretting. Yesterday’s conditions will be nothing like tomorrow’s, so what’s in store? Will the pre-spawners go back into winter mode, or will windy and cold do nothing to the fish, but make it harder to position the boat and feel the bait?

Do I expand my tackle for new contingencies, or do I go the other way narrow it down and spend more time casting and less time changing baits? Can I be patient and wait for the bites, or should I scrap what I learned in practice and try and pull a rabbit out of the livewell?

There are always lots of questions. And over the years, I’ve put out plenty of advice. But I wonder, does Dear Abbey read her own stuff? And if so, would she follow her own advice? How will we confront changes in the conditions or how should we?

Face it. How we respond them on the water will make all the difference in the world.

And one more thing.  Where did I put those tax receipts?