Man, I hate being right. But looking at the day two standings of the 2010 Bassmasters Classic–it is so over.

Oh, there may have been a cosmetic change or two in the top 10, but unless a contender weighed nearly as much today as yesterday and has no more than five pounds to make up, this tournament is history. Face it, with the top three running 32-1, 31-15 and 31-14, who would you count on closing from 8 to 12 pounds out (in other words, seventh down to 12th place)?

Even Mike Iaconelli, a little over 5 1/4 pounds out in fourth place seems unlikely to overtake all three of the leaders, Jeff Kriet, KVD and Todd Faircloth, respectively. Russ Lane, another pound back, has a steeper climb: same for Tommy Biffle another pound behind Lane–and so on.

As for former Californian James Niggemeyer, nearly 12 pounds off the lead with 20-7, there is no title hope. And for the rest of the Guests from the West, this year’s Classic is basically a public appearance: Martens, 16-4, Rojas 15-14, Murray 12-3, Klein 10-7, Velvick 10-0 and Reese 5-0.

Oh the horror.


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Natural and river lake experience seems to be key in this one.