UPDATED–To finish off business from this past weekend and the fate of the seven western-rooted  Bassmasters Classic qualifiers, we just drew from the 11 viewers who picked Aaron Martens to finish highest. If the viewer shown will contact me by email with a mailing address, I’ll get your Sebile prize out to you.

Thanks to all for playing and leave it to Aaron to finish strong and cause this drawing.

SUNDAY–I don’t know about other media sources, but I was lucky. I only have file photos for KVD, Klein and Rojas. Can you imagine if somebody else had won?

Frankly, I couldn’t fathom yesterday’s leaders slipping very far. And after that, one would generally need a bit more than a 2-ounce cushion if he hoped to knock VanDam off the stage. Anyway, tonight, when I finally got back on KramerGoneFishing and didn’t see any change in the comments number, so I knew my predictions must have been pretty good.

Soooooo, Kevin got his third Classic title, and I don’t think anyone would be surprised if he matched Rick Clunn’s record of four World Championships–and as early as next year.

As for Aaron Martens–he doesn’t seem to know that when you’re out of contention at the Classic, you just lay down your sticks and go for a boat ride until weigh-in time. The fact that he got a nice sack today means 11 viewers here will now have their names put in a hat and one of my staff princesses will pull out a winner in my Sebile Soft Swimmer contest.

Of course, when that happens, I’ll need a mailing address sent to: kramersez1@aol.com. We’ll take care of that drawing tomorrow–sometime before lunch. So good luck all.


2 Responses to “Classic musings: Sebile drawing winner”

by Robert Schneider

You can leave me out of the drawing. I’ve got enough to think about with the stuff I already have. LOL
Now if it were some roadrunners from your private stash …….. Just kidding.

I’m I the only one that noticed the grand total of 12, that TWELVE minutes of TV coverage of the final weigh in? Excuse me, but COME ON!! Did they even do the boat ride for the winner? Hey, wasn’t Fish Fishburne supposed to be there ? I saw ZERO of him in all the coverage…. I feel SO BAD for Jeff Kriet, but when you go up against the BEST EVER, the machine that is KVD, you need to bring more than your ‘A’ game, you had BETTER bring your B,C,D and E games, as well. We love ya though Jeff, so keep bangin’ away, you WILL get one eventually.