Above: The 'Smoothie'

When Lake Elsinore’s Pat Keniry teamed up with Riverside’s Rob Dickson, you had to expect good things would happen on the team fishing scene. But I don’t think anybody thought it would be quite as good as it was on Saturday.

That’s when the pair lugged 42.3 pounds of bass to the ABA stage on Lake Perris and became the talk of the Southland for days. But it was obvious, the bass community was itching for more than just a perfunctory explanation of the lures used. After all, whether there had been a hundred boats or dozen boats, when you catch 40 pounds you’re going to win.

But would we ever learn anymore about the baits they fished that day? I figured I’d ask. Afterall, I took this kid fishing at a closed lake in 1983–he owed me.  I invited Pat into the “No BS Zone” …and he agreed.

Pat Keniry live.

As I discovered, the baits were just as advertised. A Rago Super G with a little custom touch-up work; a factory (if there is such a thing in the Ragoland) Smoothie, and the third bait, which he clipped from the end of his rod, was a Pat Keniry custom painted Risto Rap–a Rapala crank bait that is no longer in production.

As we talked about the monster catch, Pat admitted he was pleased, but without trying to show up anyone, he was still amazed at the willingness of the fish that day. “They were plain stupid,” was the way he summed things up.

We also discussed topics of a more general nature: such as confidence. For Pat, being able to create lures that are unique in the highly competitive fishing world is critical. In trying to match nature, the admitted self-trained artist says, “I try to give the bass something different than everybody else is giving them.”

This kind of thinking was developed some years back. Said Pat, “I was prefishing for a tournament at Perris and I caught about a 3-pound bass. It spit out a baby bluegill and I noticed the colors of the bluegill had a see-through look. I went home,” he said, “and did the best I could to copy the colors; the bars and definition. And then, ” he added, “I won the tournament the next day.”

Rago Super G

Today, he’s still doing custom work, not only for himself, but for fishermen who want something unique. He sells his own custom-painted creations (951-310-8727) or he will paint to suit the customer. True, it’s specialty work, but Keniry has proven, he can provide an edge.

And if you need a reference, I’d say call Lake Perris and ask for extension 42.3.


4 Responses to “42-lb. Perris catch: Winning lures revealed”

Nice article George.
Rob Dickson

I am trying to imagine what I would feel like after competing against those guys that day. Hopefully it was not one of those days where you are out there all day wondering if everyone is having as tough of a time as you are. Thanks for the background on a great catch.

Great sticks. Biggest threat to win in any of the events Kyle and I fish. Also those guys go for the win every time out. Thanks, Pat for the story. Rick G.

Nice Risto Rap paint job!! Thanks for the great pix and ‘insider’ info.