Clearly, Western fishermen have their favorites. You read the message board chatter, all the back and forth over “What’s the best so-and-so product” and the same list of recommendations seems to come up every time. But really, do those guys know what they’re talking about?

How do those products really stand up in popularity compared to the national scene?

Once again, Southwick Associates’ announced the brands and products anglers preferred most in 2009. This list has been compiled from the 34,185 internet-based surveys completed by anglers who volunteered to participate last year in polls.

Survey says…

Top rod brand: Shakespeare Ugly Stik (16.4% of all purchases)
Top reel brand: Shimano (23.0% of all purchases)
Top rod and reel combo brand: Shakespeare (25.7% of all purchases)
Top fishing line producer: Pure Fishing’s Berkley line (Trilene, Fireline, Big Game, Vanish) (42.6% of all purchases)
Top hard bait brand: Rapala (30.6% of all purchases)
Top soft bait brand: Zoom (16.8% of all purchases)
Top spinnerbait brand: Strike King (16.6% of all purchases)
Top hook brand: Eagle Claw (34.5% of all purchases)
Top sinker brand: Bullet Weight (19.0% of all purchases)
Top fish finder or sonar brand: Humminbird (42.9% of all purchases)
Top tackle box brand: Plano (55.8% of all purchases)

And so you know:

–48% of all fishing tackle purchases involve terminal tackle (hooks, sinkers, swivels, etc.)

–Largemouth bass remain the number one targeted species of freshwater fish, with nearly 60% of fishing activity targeting largemouth bass.

BTW: The marketing data presented here is a summary of a 135-page report that details consumer behavior including what products and brands are purchased, where they are bought, how much customers spend, and demographics of freshwater and saltwater anglers broken out by each product category.


6 Responses to “What really are the top fishing brands?”

What no Blakemore Road Runner! Not doin your job George. Rick G.

Apparently not, Rick. 🙂

Everything that you listed GEORGE, you can buy at WAL-MART..

Now list the “Baits”, Terminal Tackle, Rods, and Reels the Pro’s use.

George, just giving you something to do because I know you’re bored silly…LOL


You know, Rich, we used to keep that info taken from US Open entrants when I was with WON Bass. But I would think that Shimano reels, Pure Fishing brands line, Zoom plastics (challenged by Yamamoto), Strike King spinnerbaits, Bullet Weights (for lead) sinkers and Plano would still lead for the pros nationally. Western pros are like a herd of cats–no consensus (or maybe not enough individual eminence)–and thus, they drive no market share dominance. Which is why western sponsorships have always tended to be the lowest in the country….

I think your brands are spot on for Western fishermen except maybe a challenge by Roboworm in the plastics category. With that, popularity does not necessarily meet the test of “best” that most internet squabbles try to settle. Could you imagine a Powell versus Ugly Stik thread?

I think it would be ‘ugly.’