UPDATED: We all knew it would be wet, but the piercing wind coming mostly out of the southwest made things nasty for contestants in the 2-day, Top Sticks tournament today, (which I see should actually be called the Anglers Marine Team Open?)–sorry.

A better forecast is in store for tomorrow. Overnight lows could reach the mid 30’s but sunny skies, mild winds and temperatures in the high 50’s will be the new setting for the field.

Bill Siemantel (left, teamed with Troy Lindner) had a narrow lead today, managing five fish for 25.03 pounds. Since his best fish did not hit the 6-pound mark, it was a solid catch.

“It was tough,” said Bill. “It was tough to fish. We had 40 mile per hour gusts and 3-footers. It was hard to get your bait where you wanted it, tough to net a fish or cull.”

Rocky Ashbury

Netting was dangerous, to say the least. Local favorite Art Berry reportedly netted a fish, stepped back onto a reel handle, lost his balance and went into the drink sometime mid morning. But he toughed it out.

Second place after the first day was Pat Keniry (of recent Lake Perris fame) with Rocky Ashbury who weighed 24.30 pounds, while John Wick and Mike Phua were hot on their heels with a nice sack weighing 23.73 pounds.

MC Rick Grover, plus two suspicious figures which appear to be John Barron and Ray Leyerly at the scales.

The "Grand Canyon" of Hemet.


3 Responses to “Team Open field survives first day at DVL”

I’m dying to get to DVL………. but without connections, all I could do is fly out with a few rods and a big box of swimbaits, heavy jigs, and huge worms, show up at the lake in a rental car (aka mobile hotel room), and hope to rely on the kindness of a lone boater for a day or two, in exchange for gas money and a kick ass steak dinner. Siemantel is unbelievable. His book is great for a reason.

by George Kramer

Alex, send me an email (kramersez1@aol.com) with some specifics and maybe I can hook you up with a ride. They never get a steak dinner when they fish with me. You’re from WHERE?

Thanks George, I really APPRECIATE it. I’ve got a few things in the works, so I’ll let you know. Again, THANKS.