Phua and Wick get 46 pounds

Bill Siemantel, this time with partner Troy Lindner in the boat, caught 26.32 pounds today, surpassing yesterday and finishing with 51.35 pounds. That gave the L.A. County pair the win in the Anglers Marine Team Open.

With sunny skies prevailing, the pair relied on the broken light penetration provided by sporadic wind all over the lake, fishing both the 6-inch BBZ and the smaller shad-sized model in shallow water.

Tournament MC Rick Grover predicted 50 pounds would win and Diamond Valley proved him right and maintained its reputation as the best bass lake in Southern California.

BBZ-man Bill Siemantel

“Hats off to those guys,” said Mike Phua, who with John Wick captured second with 46.03 pounds, (mostly on “big worms.”) He followed up his tribute with a friendly dis: “Now stay off our water.”

Third place, slipping slightly from yesterday, Pat Keniry and Rocky Ashbury, broke 40 pounds as well, finishing with 43.65 pounds.

Reports from various competitors noted there were fish actually in the spawning (“bumping”) mode in some parts of the lake on this full moon, and there were quality fish taken shallow but also deep.

Manas Malikian

James Smiley

Manas Malikian of Huntington Beach took a 7.23 pounder on a Senko “right on the bank,” while James Smiley got his 6.64 pounder on a jig in 20 feet of water.


11 Responses to “More of the same at DVL: 51 pounds wins”

Two days and they weigh 51+- that’s STOUT!! CONGRATS! Did you fish George? If so, how did you do?

by George Kramer

Actually, Alex, I walked around and took these wonderful photos. 🙂

After checking in on some forums, I found it odd how the locals were great at complimenting everyone EXCEPT Siemantel and Lindner on a job well done. Oh yeah, those guys.

I spent many years observing this “localitis myopia” and it’s something that will never change as long as there are over-inflated egos and under-inflated humility. I know how many times Bill has fished Diamond Valley and I know how often he has won.

It’s close to a 70% winning percentage. Can you spell D-O-M-I-N-A-T-I-O-N? Face it guys, he’s better than you. I know, I’ve fished with him for countless days and here’s something else … the more you try to watch him, the more you try to uncover his secrets, the more Bill will mess with you.

He’s a master gamesman who almost loves beating his competitors mentally more than at the scales. If you’ve tried to watch him at a distance, most likely Bill does what Bill does – he’ll spin his boat around and start doing something totally opposite of the real deal. Or, in the parking lot, just happen to drop something out of his coat pocket in front of a talkative angler.

What’s lost on everyone is this: Bill already put it all down in writing in “The Big Bass Zone”. If you only want to whine, then don’t read it. But, if you remember the movie “Patton”, the way this legendary general knew how to beat Rommel was by reading his book on tank tactics.

Sadly, most people don’t really want to learn, that is, if it requires real effort. Gary Klein and I talked about this subject just last weekend. While Siemantel was at Diamond Valley, Gary was getting ready for a Bass Pro Shops seminar in Texas. When he asked me what Bill was doing, I replied “Right now? Taking other people’s money.”

Bill is a great stick and a threat to win any event at any lake he puts in his time for sure. But Mike, at his home lake the dominating team is by far Mike Hart and John Zank. There are DVl events all year long [as long as we have water] so hopefully Bill will come down for more than just pre-spawn dates. But Phua said it best, “Stay off our lake”. Rick G.

by Kevin Linehan

Close it!

Gee Rick, I didn’t know that you’ve got a gang and everything. I like that. Hey, I’ve got a great name for you guys – the ZKs. The Zip Kings! Since no one out there has ever done anything out of their zip code like win a Bassmaster event or a big tournament out-of-state. It would be perfect.

If you don’t like that one, how about the Zircon Kings because you’re all flash and no substance. Since it’s your lake according to that Hong Kong Phooey guy, you can rename it Zircon Valley. Perfect again!

Do you have official Phooeymobiles? Oh yeah, they’re called Rangers and the guys driving them say “Phooey” a lot when they have a “power shortage” during tournaments.

I wear a 39 regular jacket, so when you send me my “colors” – which I assume to be camouflage because everyone seems to disappear when it comes time to back up the tough talk – I’ll ask the guys at Amistad if they’ve ever heard of y’all.

Well Mike, FYI I asked Bill today if he was going to come down and fish a few more events and he said his schedule was pretty full and he would try. I like Bill and congratulated him on the stage, so I am not sure why the attack.Fishin against the best guys is the only way to measure your talents, IMHO. Phua was just funnin with him BTW. As far as the zip code thing goes, thats fine with me cause last I looked I am just a old boat dealer tryin to enjoy a few weekends a year on our only good lake with my sons. Also, former Riverside Pointseekers Bassmasters and Lake Perris ZK, Brent Ehrler does ok out of state at times. You still sellin burgers Mike? Hope life in Texas is good.

No attack Rick, just good clean fun. However, what you continue to miss is the very gist of this conversation … Bill Siemantel doesn’t need to prove anything to any of these guys because he has already done it. He’s done it at every level including Bassmaster. He did it last week. He’s done it 70% of the time on Diamond Valley and he’ll do it again. Plus, he lives over two hours away, has a full-time job and family obligations. Pony up some more significant cash and no doubt Bill will be there.

Why can’t these guys understand that? How many times does Bill have to kick their butts before they admit they’re just not as good? At what percentile do they see how laughably pathetic their argument has become? Their worst nightmare would be Siemantel moving to Hemet.

I saw this weird brand of dementia many times in my years of writing, particularly from Larry Locals who came out ahead of Klein or KVD or Yelas ONE TIME at some event and acted like they had done something. Of course, they conveniently forgot the other ten times they got schooled.

Then again, I do understand your point because was an integral part of my B-league softball team and that punk Derek Jeter has never set foot on my field. I guess he knows better.

I think FLW has ponied up lots of cash out here for the last few years and an angler of Bills talent should be there IMHO. Maybe its a work deal for Bill or maybe he’s just more comfortable with a team partner who can keep the things they throw “sometimes” private so they dont get shown to a AM in a Draw event.Gotta keep the easy money flowin if you know what I mean. His choice I guess, but no doubt he has done alot on all levels. Got a look at that 2″ BBZ yesterday and was really impressed.Cant wait for those to come out, they will sell a ton. Rick

Now that I’ve got back up off the floor, wtf is a BBZ? :>)

Mike Jones………..thanks for the Hong kong Phooey comment. Bill and Troy both know we were just clowning and I know I came up to him more than 3 or 4 times to tell them great job. fyi he’s a friend. As for the forums……he or either one get on them very often so that’s probably why people didn’t bring them up. But that’s not Rick’s fault or anyone elses either.