It’s hard to back up 26 pounds with another big sack, but John Wick of San Diego went hard at it today at Diamond Valley. Back-tracking through his hot spots from Saturday, he took me from dam to dam and the same baits worked–but the bites just didn’t measure up.

Big worms, fished Texas-style, easily out-paced wacky jigging, drop-shot and even Carolina rigging. The latter, fished with a smoke pepper grub caught a number of fish from 15 to 25 feet, but there were no scary moments or big surges.

Checking out the shallows, the preponderance of “sight fish” were what appeared to be a school of 2-pounders congregating around the launch ramp docks–along with a couple of hefty rainbow trout. Don’t know what the occasion was, but they were all together doing something.

We did spend several hours looking at bedding fish, but saw nothing of note. In fact, in many areas, especially at the west end, the beds were gray and empty. New beds will likely be swept with the next full moon, but from what we saw, it was a lot of work with not much size to catch.

Water temperature ranged from 58 to almost 63 degrees on the south side pockets, which should only get warmer as this warming spell continues. Assessing the bite was difficult since the 2- to 2 1/2-pounders came at all depths and on the big worm as well as the grub.

Who knows what will materialize? The Heavyweight Bass Championship is coming this weekend. I’m guessing less than 7 pounds takes it, but there are fish in there that could blow up any prediction.


3 Responses to “DVL stingy for big bites this morning”

by Kevin Linehan

My guess is 6.89 pounds to win.

by George Kramer

Let the hair-splitting begin… 🙂

Good Read..
Also good guess Kevin.. You came pretty close..