UPDATED, Mar. 17–What a difference a day makes! Hot weather has fired up the shad activity and all around the lake the warmwater fish are coming up: not just bass, but crappie and even some wipers 12 to 18 inches long.

It’s a little on bladed baits, a little on plastic–and a whole lot better than yesterday.

Mar. 16: Chamber of Commerce images were something I wasn’t looking for this morning, but that’s about all Lake Elsinore wanted to give up. While FLW’s Gary Bradford and I hit all the prime stuff (plus a few niches I didn’t even want to show him) there was no way to tell the good stuff from the bad.

South shore dike, Lakeland Marine jetty, Perret Park to “Elsie,” Seaport Landing brush patch, east shore flooded brush, the Campground peninsula and submerged launch ramp, (but not Nickerson’s brush line).

I know. I always say you fish shallow here. And we beat the bushes. But just like the crappie guys waiting for things to break loose in the Elsinore West Marina, everything on the meter is deeper and doesn’t want to bite anything I’m throwing at them.

Water is only around 59 to 60, but it’s got to change soon. And so am I. I’m going to start trolling.

SONAR DOESN'T LIE, but it doesn't always help.

Ooh. Look at this...


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That answers my ??


When the sonar doesn’t lie but doesn’t help, it helps to call those sonar marks “CARP”. It may or may not be true, but it helps!

RE: Update—-Neat!
Warming trend here too. I am going fishing Thursday. Monday was good.