After his Lake Shasta win in the National Guard, the grumbling could be heard even before he cashed his check. Brent Ehrler may have notched another title, but “He had help.”

One observer I know said privately, “I heard it from guys waiting in line (to weigh fish).”

Not that it’s totally unexpected from the Upstate fishing crowd. They’re kind of like Mexican Soccer fans: they don’t think anyone else can play the game. By comparison, no one expressed great surprise, or cast aspersions on Gary Dobyns’ U.S. Open win last summer.

Of course, after Shasta, Brent then took on the best FLW had to offer on Table Rock Lake in Missouri with the kick-off of the Tour. Although he scuffled in practice (a fellow writer was with him on the first day and confirm this) Ehrler managed to follow his instincts and build from a few bites he got from one key creek bend.

With what started with the slimmest of clues, he began to put things together with a few bites on a simple smoke grub, and by the end of two days, adding a jerkbait, crank and a jig, he nearly lapped the competition.

Yet, the Redlands’ pro doesn’t live in a vacuum. One of the first things he said to me when I interviewed him several days later was, “What’s it going to be this time?”

You mean, like, “He caught all his fish off one spot?” Although I sure didn’t need any explanation, right away I understood the nature of the winning spot just hearing him describe it over the phone. It was not just a driveway-sized point created by a bend in the creek. Specifically he noted, “The trees (that proved to be critical to holding his suspended bass) were not visible. Guys could drive right over the spot (if they didn’t know what they were looking at).”

Fortunately, there are people who chart results, not aspersions. The latest World Rankings (click here) this week show Brent Ehrler, not Kevin VanDam or Skeet Reese as the top pro in the sport. As is duly mentioned in that announcement, Ehrler’s body of work over the last two seasons is pretty much as good as we’ve seen in the modern era.

True, the nature of the sport and the accumulation of points does not guarantee our man will necessarily hold the top spot forever–but he sure as heck holds down #1 right now.  And I agree.  It’s about time the bass fishing vintners change their tune about Brent Ehrler. I’ve had enough sour grapes.

(And BTW: it’s pronounced Ay’-lur. Get used to it.)


3 Responses to “Brent Ehrler: What are they gonna say now?”

Right on George!

by Garrett Mercer

Brent is a stick, and one of the nicest guys I’ve met. I cant wait until one of these days we see him go head to head with KVD and Skeet. He’s running out of things to win on the FLW side…. might be time for a Classic win?

I don’t know anyone who has NOT had information that qualifys as ‘help’. Maybe it wasn’t this week, or even this year but there is no statue of limitations on getting help at some point. He’s better, get over it.