Any old time reporter will tell you, he’s only as good as his sources. That’s kind of the way it’s been with the hoped-for stocking of largemouth bass by the DFG at Lake Elsinore.

Yet my sources at the DFG have had their own stumbling blocks. Besides EPA protocol they had to indulge, there was the very practical matter of their own sources. Meaning, they would only be able to deliver bass to Lake Elsinore if their local sources for those stockable fish proved reliable.

These now are looking more promising and we have struck a gentleman’s agreement. The regional DFG staff will do what they can to round up more bass for the 3400 acre natural lake, and the local media will be a little more patient. Really, all I’d like to know is how many and what size fish are put in–and I don’t need to know that until any increment of that effort is completed.

In the meantime, the lake has been baffling. There are days here when the surface is alive with bait and diving birds. There are other times when sonar looks like one of those “sample screens” you see at the boat dealership.

And then there are those few times you get one on the end of your line–and those are still coming more slowly than expected. This week the water temperature ranged from 62 degrees in the morning to almost 69 in the afternoon. But it hasn’t changed the bite much for bass, crappie or wipers.

So I guess I’ll let you know.


4 Responses to “‘Sources’ the issue on Elsinore assistance”

George – has there been any talk from your “sources” about getting stock from Lake Matthews or another unfished body of water?

by George Kramer

No place where there are quaggas. But apparently there are some drainages that have some fish and no mussels.

Dang those mussels.

by Dave Schreck

Shoot the cormerants and reduce the Mussels!!