As previously noted the DFG is doing its best to improve the fishing situation at Lake Elsinore, especially in the area of supplementing the current fish population. Here’s a follow-up report to an earlier blog that comes directly from local biologists. Although the size may seem small, the fact is, bass that are large enough to fend for themselves right now will have a much higher survival rate than any new fry spawned in the lake this spring.

Here’s the text of that report:

Last Wednesday, 3/24, Fish and Game participated in a fish rescue from the Santa Ana River in which fish were stranded in a diversion pond. During that rescue we were able to move the following to Lake Elsinore:

Four (4) largemouth bass at an average weight of 0.33 lbs
11 channel catfish at 0.43 lbs.

Today, 3/29, Fish and Game was able to move 42 largemouth bass at an average weight of 1.28 lbs. from an undisclosed source.”

In a shad factory like Lake Elsinore, expect very fast growth from these new arrivals. As I get new information, I will pass it along.


2 Responses to “DFG reports on Elsinore bass stocking”

by Dave Schreck

Lets get a permit and go fish Matthews! We could fill a truck o’bass in no time!

Yeah, to what he said.