No question, the artistry of certain angler/innovators is nothing short of magic. We see samples around of creative lure finishes that “drive the imagination” and think we want them. But how much better off we might be if we had more of something we know works, and then duplicate that?

Yet, what if you really count on some bait, but it’s not available anymore? You know, you catch ’em pretty good on your old favorite, but where you used to have several, you’re getting down to the last few–or worse–the last one? I think I know. Find some old baits and get a make-over.

That’s what happening with me. I’ve got this funky, sunfish colored DB-22 and you can’t get them anymore. I don’t want something like it–I want it! Maybe I’ll take a little more cream color on the sides, but this works.


For that reason, I’m showing you a color that works for me–and now that post-spawn is here or soon-to-be, I want that sunfish look to be banging the bottom from 5 to 15 feet or so. And I want to be able to throw it knowing I have a backup–and maybe a couple–in case I get out of lure-retriever distance.

For that reason, I gathered up some junk bodies of DB-22’s and have sent them over to one of those artistic anglers, Lake Elsinore’s Pat Keniry (951-310-8727). He’s put out some amazing baits with naturalized finishes, and I know there are guys in Inland Empire who can back-up that statement. But I’m not looking for natural, I’m looking for reactive–and that’s why Pat’s going to be working on those six ugly chunks of plastic in the picture.

And more than that, as he gets to working on them, I’m going to stop by his shop and watch some of the steps in the make-over process. Anyway, this is step one: deliver the old baits.¬† Stay tuned and I’ll have more photos along the way.


5 Responses to “Don’t have the right look? Get a make-over”

I assume Pat is available “for hire”? How much does he charge?

by George Kramer

A fair question. I didn’t ask at this point. I had a small number of baits, so I was willing to bite the bullet because this color works for me and I’m on the last one. He did mention that number, size and type (intricacy) of finish would all play in. On the next installment, I will try to get a better answer if you haven’t called him yourself before that.

Any update yet?

by George Kramer

We’re awaiting the “right” green….

[…] In order to assure myself that I would have baits that I could no longer purchase, I went to Lake Elsinore’s Pat Keniry who said he could do it: produce¬† DB22’s in a “suggestive” (not natural) sunfish color from old lure bodies. (See April 16). […]