Hey, what do I know? I fish with guys who are on the phone or iPad all morning long—off and on—and they don’t seem too distracted. And I confess, I’ll get the occasional shout, if I carry my cell out on the water. On the other hand, I don’t usually worry if it’s supposed to be a good day (for action) or not. I’m out there so I’ll deal with whatever happens.

Still, this is a highly technological era we live in. Our plastic worms may still be made out of plastic, but our information access is nothing short of magic–heck it is science fiction compared to when I bought my first baitcaster. So, sure enough, communication of angling data gets yet another personal outlet as a company called DataSport, Inc. is offering a couple of Smartphone apps for all you fishing tech-types.

DataSport, if you weren’t aware, has produced the “Fish & Game Forecast” that has been in use by outdoorsmen for more than 37 years. Now, they tell us, “thanks to two new iPhone/iTouch and Android applications, fishermen can receive the DataSport forecast grahics as well as the highly-regarded Doug Hannon’s Moon Times directly on their Android Smartphones, iPhones and iPod Touches.”

One of the apps is called The FishCast allows a user “to select a date and view the forecast graph for that date.” It predicts activity as excellent, good or fair, in addition to the moon phase. No other data entry is required because it’s formulated for the Northern Hemisphere.

The other app, FishTimes, is said to be a “text representation” of Hannon’s Moon Times and Moon Clock, which has a pretty good following across the country.

Anyway, I thought there might be a link, but no. What I got was the DataSport, Inc. address: 6220 Rivercliffe Drive, Atlanta, GA 30328, and a phone number (remember how to use one of those?) at 404-252-7143. But now you know.


4 Responses to “New ‘apps’ available for anglers”

Best time to go fishing is when you are awake.

by George Kramer

Some on-the-water decisions we make would belie that advice.

Hey George,

I just did a search for both FishCast and FishTimes on my Droid. FC is available right now for $4.99 but FT isn’t available for Droid yet.

They do sound like good things but I do have to agree with Rich for the most part. 🙂


Great read…. another really good one is FishHead (for Tidal water anglers) It’s only available for the iPhone but, it does a lot it gives you weather, moon tides, current river flow and the rate of change as well as 5 to 10 day river graphs. It’s a must have for any Delta Angler for sure!