Where there’s talk, there’s usually some substance and recent visitors to Diamond Valley Lake have heard the same thing: the lake may be raised several feet sooner rather than later. However, there has been no official word from the MWD.

As one tournament angler suggested, “What is it, about 15 inches now?” speaking of the depth at the end of the launch ramp. Yet, if the water broker could get the last part of its allotment from Northern California, some could be stored in the popular Hemet reservoir.

According to an April news release, “About 30 percent of Southern California’s total supplies in an average year moves across the Delta to Metropolitan through the State Water Project’s pumps and aqueduct.” It was then the MWD said, “A final SWP (State Water Project) allocation is still weeks away.” One could conclude that time frame may now be at hand.

If the rumored water is this “final allocation” then the lake might remain open for a portion of the summer. However, once the hot weather sets in, evaporation of 1 to 3 inches a day will be inevitable.

So what are the long-term prospects of fishing at Diamond Valley? GM Jeffrey Kightlinger didn’t sugarcoat the issue, saying, “We will be living with one set of Delta restrictions or another until major improvements to the ecosystem and water system are underway. That is still many years away.”

(Read the entire text of the press release, here.)


7 Responses to “Rumor: DVL could get some water, or not”

by Robert Schneider

I guess I better get out there this weekend then.

by Dave Schreck

I got turned away from DVL today. I had a quarter size drop of water in my livewell. The Trolls at the gate wouldn’t let me fish for the second time!
Guess that’s okay because I got a 10 and an 8 today at another unnamed lake that gladly took my hard earned money!

by George Kramer

I take it, those dawgs didn’t come from Elsinore. 🙂

by Dave Schreck

No sir!! Thanks for fixing my typo’s =)


How’s the big hole (tunnel) in the grapevine come’in along that supposed to fill DVL up. I saw an article awhile back on it somewhere. Even showed the pipes and the water disbursement to other DESERT lakes.

Rich Thiel

by George Kramer

I hope someone who knows more than me would chime in, Rich. But if the water is not available, the pipes mean nothing.


I’ve been watching this since 1982 when it was shutdown then. Every politician at that time that was for it was elected right out of office. You see no politician today with is name attached with the exception of Feinstein and Boxer. If you do see names like Fuller in Modesto, she is only a low level congresswoman that can’t get hurt come election time.

Feinstein is back’in down because of all the flack she received from Northern California when she proposed to eradicate the Striper/Largemouth in the Delta because they’re eating the Delta smelt… That was just a front that literally backfired on her…She’s after the San Diego Vote and she thought these ideas would help her.

What is really going on is the West Valley Water District below Mendota (Westside of the Canal). Land there (181,000 acres of Desert) is owned by Steve Resnick(sp). Look him up, he is a billionaire and lives under Feinstein’s panties.

Him and some other major landlord in the area of WVWD is paying off so many politicians it is funny. And George, I’m not talk’in about millions, try Billions. Steve is a head of this and he won’t water. He can give a hoot about the Delta, he lives in Hollywood. Look him up and you can see what he owns (Paramount Farms) a water (Probably Delta water) that he has in Walmart.

They had a thing in Sacramento a couple weeks ago that a lot of fisherman, Fly, Striper, and largemouth fishermen went there to protest (Never hit the papers by the way). They passed the bill 5-2 for it (Canal). After the meeting the 7 man panel and lobbyists got together with Fuller and changed the writing to exclude the eradication of the Striper/largemouth.

Now, Who’s in charge with this project (Canal) but a 7-man committee that was appointed by Schwarzenegger. 4 of them he hand picked (the panel or committee is fixed).

George I can go on and on in how the people behind the scenes is influenced with money. My advice is too check the past articles that have been written, Pro’s and Con’s about shipping water down south. Look up that Steve Resnick and see what he owns (a lot). Too make things quicker for you, Call Bobby Barrack and he is on top of every move the state is doing and he will tell you of all the corruption that the general public will not hear.

Sorry for so long again Geo (but this stuff just puts a fire under my AccccS). Where I live know will become saltwater and the fishing in the Delta and the water in Lakes (Northern California) Oroville, Folsom, Collins, and a couple of smaller compound likes will not exist or will have a fishery. 60 percent of the Delta will become saltwater.


Rich Thiel