Okay, not the biggest story, and maybe not the biggest one I’ll post today. But following the lead of other lakes where carp control includes this step, the Lake Elsinore City Council has recognized that bow fishing for carp can be a safe venture.

There will be some specific stipulations regarding gear (boats only) and parts of the lake where it’s permitted, but bass fishermen should appreciate the local effort (which includes seining as well). The complete news release can be found by clicking here.


2 Responses to “City okay’s bowfishing for Elsinore carp”

That’s good news. The carp population is way out of control there.

by George Kramer

It’s good, no doubt, Rob. But actually, I think they’re starting to get the upper hand on the problem. The total number of carp they have been able to seine over the last couple of years continues to get smaller and smaller. We still see some larger ones, but those should make better targets for bowfishing.