No question, the artistry of certain angler/innovators is nothing short of magic. We see samples around of creative lure finishes that “drive the imagination” and think we want them. But how much better off we might be if we had more of something we know works, and then duplicate that?

Yet, what if you really count on some bait, but it’s not available anymore? (more…)

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The bass bite is still way behind schedule, though some guys are giving it a hard look. The DFG put in a couple more handfuls of 1.16-pound average fish again this week and that’s way more than anyone is taking out, I can assure you.  The “why” is speculative.

The water temperature is running from 62 to 65 degrees, so it’s a mystery in many respects. In particular, the sonar readings are remarkable–and they are showing in much shallower water, so maybe Elsie will break like a fat pinata soon. (more…)

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Maybe you already heard this, but Bass Pro Shops is touting the fact that they have made a special purchase of Abu Garcia Skeet Reese model Revo reels and are blowing them out for 179.99.

I’m not sure 180 bucks is a blowout in my checkbook, but, heck, maybe you’re going to get a tax return soon. Regardless, for however long the Skeet man is running first in the Bassfan.com World Rankings, this is an appropriate promotion. (more…)

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One of the most careless comments in fishing these days is, “We need to build the sport.” Oh, it sounds like a good idea, but no  “building” ever starts at the top–it always starts at the bottom.

In the case of fishing, getting people interested when they are new to it (not necessarily as kids, but that’s much easier). And the way to get them interested is for them to feel like they are part of the deal. They need to feel some ownership and have the toys just like we do.

One simple step. Buy ’em a tackle box. (more…)

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“You can see the end,” said several Diamond Valley Lake boaters this weekend, as they pulled out in the afternoon. Described as “three feet past my tires (to the end of the concrete),” it appears the Metropolitan Water District wasn’t kidding when they opened the 228-foot extended ramp to the general public on Dec. 20 of last year.

You don’t remember the warning? (more…)

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Spinnerbaits? I have one tied on right now. But then, I live on a shallow, dirty water lake with hundreds of acres of flooded brush.

On the other hand, while I see people paying their 7 to 15 bucks for one, I don’t see them throwing ’em much, except when there’s a breeze on Lake Havasu or Lake Mead. And then, they’re mostly a one-trick pony–fast crank, full reaction mode.

True, our own Skeet Reese won a World Championship with one a couple of seasons back, and that gave Lucky Craft a little pop. But look how they market the thing. Premium price, a little confidence massage (Hey, Skeet uses it) and…then what? It hangs in your box for weeks like a fruit bat waiting for nightfall. (more…)

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Everybody who follows tournaments these days wants the results up before the winners get their trophies. But for those who want to reach a higher level competitively, they should really be much more interested in how the pros practice, not just what they caught on game-day.

No one has had a more lengthy and successful pro career than Quantum pro Gary Klein since he left Oroville to seek his fortune chasing bass. When he discusses “practice” or pre-tournament, on-the-water preparation, he says, “We have two types of anglers (more…)

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Like worrying about the score at the end of the first quarter, the fact that several Californians (and near-Calis) are having trouble on the national FLW Tour (click here) does not necessarily reflect poorly on them. There are a lot of casts to be made with four tournaments and the Forrest Wood Cup yet to go.

On the bright side, three Golden Staters are in the top 10 right now (Ish Monroe, Rusty Salewske and Brent Ehrler), with Nevada’s Tim Klinger holding down 23rd spot after just two events. There is, however, (more…)

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One of the secrets to success on the national tour can also be helpful in your own backyard. That is, finding clues to the day’s pattern as quickly as possible.

Yes, patterns may vary around a given body of water and may change throughout the day, but the faster you collect information, the faster you can develop your approach. From my own experience, I’ve always used the “3 bite” standard. If I or my partner and I combined can get three bites in a relatively short period of time, there’s probably enough information in that activity to build the foundation of a pattern.

But for Bassmaster Elite pro Dean Rojas, that’s more than enough. (more…)

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Not a lot to say: except I have a better appreciation of the sight-fisherman’s plight when what he finds in practice is blown out when the weather changes.

Without a rod in hand (really), I joined Uncle Josh sales manager Matt Bichanich and resident expert Joe Everett on the only day Matt could fish: a post-front, cloudy, windy Thursday on Lake Mission Viejo. What I saw were evidence of two things: one, there are some elephants in there and two, a sight fisherman with riffled surface is like a structure fisherman without sonar. (more…)

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