True, spring has been about as fickle as any I can remember. If there was a day or a series of days with balmy weather, as sure as lead sinks, they would be followed by chilly nights, dropping barometers and wind.

But maybe some normalcy is now in store: that being the season for overcast mornings–not just along the Southern California coast–but well inland. The so-called “onshore flow” pulls that damp ocean air all the way to the Inland Empire and that means even the clear water lakes such as Skinner, Perris and even Diamond Valley will get a reprieve from sonar and fluorocarbon. For a couple of hours many mornings, the fish will be up and they will stay up.

But even the fish in the stained lakes seem to respond well. It’s more and more obvious to me that bass vision is not just four times better than humans, but as much as 10 times. Why else would they still hide in the “shadows” of trees or seawalls at night, or come out of their shoes to strike on top, even in dingy conditions?

And this weather pattern is no myth. Even though the statistics emanate from San Diego, the months of May and June feature sunny days on 58 percent and 59 percent of their respective days–lowest of the entire year. The fact is, that heavy, damp air is here for awhile, and even in this part of Western Riverside County, it’s game on.

I can live with that.


One Response to “May 20 marks six more weeks of topwater”

by Dave Schreck

The Bait and Birds will show the way! I was catching topwater fish in febuary this year.
Elsie biting yet?