Hey, I didn’t see it coming. I don’t think many of the qualifiers from the region did either. But Fate has struck and instead of Big Bear Lake, the regional event for the California Bass Championships is headed across the street on June 25.

So what does it all mean? Pretty much, the guys can forget everything they typically do to catch bass. Not technically, of course. They hit drop-shot here, too.  But coming to the Southland’s largest natural lake, after a disappointing and extreme winter and spring in the valley, means the one thing the guys really need to bring is an open mind.

That won’t be easy. But there is just no magic bullet.

I say that now, but I wish I had put that message on my phone, since bells have been dinging since way before I planned on getting up today. If you want a prediction, I will say the tournament might be won with 16 pounds, and it also might be won with three fish. And frankly, it might be won with just one 6-pounder.

It must have been 25 years ago when then Western Bass Director Harvey Naslund answered a fisherman who was complaining about a tough lake: “You only need one bass to have a tournament.” (Personally, I hope it’s not this tournament.)

My advice: don’t prefish seven days and try and figure it out. “It” ain’t there. Run the lake, find out where things are (right down to steel fence poles and concrete blocks) make sure you know the prevailing winds and what time they factor in, meter around, tune some crankbaits, have lunch and go home.

And then forget about it.

I have a sense that 8 of 10 guys are going to the State Championship having caught very few fish, because that’s “what is.” But they’re still going–if they execute on the bites they get.

In the meantime, check the photos from this morning. And I’ll have some updates leading up to the event.


5 Responses to “CBC is going where? Yeah, Lake Elsinore”

Thanks for the write up George and the help in getting me the right contacts.

The great thing is – We know these 40 guys can catch fish on “their” lake. Now lets see what they can do on a neutral lake! Tough or easy fishing, doesn’t really matter – its the same for all 40 of them. The 10 that figure out how to catch ’em win a shot at the State Champion title – some great cash and a fun event at California’s premier powerhouse lake, Clear Lake!

However – I bet it takes 11 pounds just to make the top 10… Why do I think that much? Because I think when you take 40 of the best anglers the Southland has to offer they are going to figure out a way to catch ’em!

Thanks again George!

All points well taken, Here’s a thought does The CBC know about the 6 hour rule during summer time starting june 15 to sept 15, setup by DFG. It should be interesting in the next few weeks. Looking forward to more updates. Thanks again

P.S. – We know about the 6 hour rule. Come June 25th – you’ll be happy to be off the water (110 degrees) after 6 hours! 🙂 See you all there!

Should be a interesting tournament and I like the change of venue. If I had to pick a winner I would once again have to go with Wick. Outside of a bad day one on Mead Wick had been all over this year and I do not see Elsinore slowing him down.I do know that John needs to shake that “one trick pony” monkey that is on his back and this will be the tournament where he will do it. Elsinore will become JDUB’s 2nd house after this one. Remember if i comes down to the wire and Wick needs one last good bite just think about the HBC.

Ahh..Elsi is getting some love. Guys fishing this derby should be kind to her as she doesn’t have a stellar reputation of being a bass fishing factory. There have been days of 30+ fish and others with only one. Its the mystery of Elsi.

I may make the trip over the hill to help out the CBC crew if it is need. My guess, 8lbs to make the top 10. Wiper option would be really interesting.