GARY DOBYNS, 2009 Open champ speaks

Gary Dobyns is one of the preeminent tournament anglers in the West, and when he has been injury free, there may be no better power fisherman in the Golden State. But capturing the 2009 (corrected) U.S. Open on Lake Mead, after several close calls, Dobyns has established him not only as a major champion, but also as a source of key information for competitive anglers.

In fact, at his recent stop at Anglers Marine in Santee he had plenty to say about fishing the desert–for anyone who was paying attention.

As he spoke of the site of this, the 28th Open, there were key items in his gameplan. For example, he noted, (more…)

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BRENT BENISH 6:01 A.M. (Gary Graham photo)

UPDATED, Saturday morning–Prognosticators were right (and the DFG was there to confirm) the Regional Final of the California Bass Championship at Lake Elsinore was just as tough as advertised. Yet mainstream news coverage was excellent. (Click here.)

But for nine anglers, it was actually good enough. And for Brent Benish of San Diego, there was the satisfaction of catching four bass without burning a gallon of gas and finishing on top for the day.

Of course, for CBC head Tom Leogrande (and business partner Gary Dobyns) there was still some pain. (more…)

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I think the official count was 37 anglers this morning for CBC, launching out of Seaport Landing on the east side of Lake Elsinore. Getting an early start made for tough photography, but here’s a few shots to capture the flavor of things.

No worries about weighing fish–at least one. And it came from the second flight within view of the parking lot. Lots of shoreline bait and bird activity. Hopefully the morning hours will be good to the guys. (more…)

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After much wailing and gnashing of teeth, the highly maligned regional qualifier of the California Bass Championship (CBC) to be held at Lake Elsinore, Friday, will pit 39 of the 40 anglers who qualified in Region 1 (Inland Empire/San Diego).

Fortunately, despite the cool reception on some fronts, all that it will take to finish among the top 10, gather $1000 in cash and punch their ticket for the State Finals at Clear Lake is to catch some fish. (more…)

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Okay, this is more like Skeet Reese territory than that of his Michigan opposite, Kevin VanDam. And yet, KVD’s lustrous career plants him as one of the most important tournament angling figures anywhere. Yet, this 20-year pro didn’t begin as a 5-time BASS Angler of the Year and 3-time Classic champion–he progressed.

Therefore, it makes complete sense that his popular book Bass Strategies: A Handbook for All Anglers, written roughly 15 years earlier in VanDam’s impressive career, is back. But his revised edition now reflects the thoughts, theories and practices of this marvelous angler in the present.

As it was in the beginning, KVD again teams up with Bassmaster (more…)

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The Department of Fish and Game is currently holding meetings to get public input regarding the fisheries and the flush of bass tournaments. The short of it is, there are going to be some severe changes. The only question: who is going to make the hard decisions?

It’s sure not the competing organizations, so let me take care of that. Here are the adjustments we’re going to make. (more…)

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UCR study routes

Judging by the discussion and especially the frustration surrounding prefishing ahead of the California Bass Championship regional final next week, it’s pretty obvious Southern California’s largest natural lake is a big departure from the reservoirs most contenders are used to fishing.

You toss in the reality that the bass population, by all projections, is barely 10 percent of the total adult fish population and add the unpleasant specter (more…)

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It was a packed house at Anglers Marine in Santee for Gary Dobyns last night, and to hear him say it, the hundred or so (final tally 170) guests on hand was a lot bigger number than either his lure or color choices.

The catch phrase of the evening was: “Narrow it down,” said the reigning U.S. Open champion. “I like to keep things simple.”

He illustrated the point, not by demanding (more…)

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UPDATED, June 15–Say good-bye to 95991 (or is that 95993?). That’s because one of the state’s preeminent anglers–Gary Dobyns of Yuba City–will be trolling south and taking center stage tomorrow evening (TONIGHT) at Anglers Marine in Santee. The reason, if you’ve been cloistered out on Lake Elsinore practicing non-stop for the CBC on June 25, is the inaugural 2010 FINS (Fishing Instructional Night School) where Dobyns will be the featured speaker.

Dobyns, of course, is the reigning U.S. Open champion, is the founder and designer of Dobyns Rods, and most notably, (more…)

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You can argue the merits of the Bassmaster Elites versus the FLW Tour, but frankly, the way the anglers finish in the standings of their respective circuits this season will have an impact on naming California’s best bass fisherman.  Right now, that means the way Skeet Reese and Brent Ehrler “hit the tape” will almost cement their spots on the 2010 California Top 40 list.

But what spot will it be? (more…)

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