It was a packed house at Anglers Marine in Santee for Gary Dobyns last night, and to hear him say it, the hundred or so (final tally 170) guests on hand was a lot bigger number than either his lure or color choices.

The catch phrase of the evening was: “Narrow it down,” said the reigning U.S. Open champion. “I like to keep things simple.”

He illustrated the point, not by demanding every angler fish the way he does, but to emphasize that bass fishing, especially tournament bass fishing, is more about “covering water” as compared to changing lures. In fact, he talked specifically about how he maximizes presentations, saying “I like to throw baits that complement each other,” such as jig and Carolina rig or spinnerbait and jerk bait.

In his discussion about those spinnerbaits, Dobyns revealed that he narrows those down to chartreuse and white or a shad pattern. His take, there is no reason to have many more variations as these get the job done “day in and day out.”

In the case of jerkbaits, a Dobyns specialty, his three standards include a Lucky Craft Staysee 90 for 8-11 feet, a smaller DD78 for 2 to 4 feet and the larger Pointer 128 for giving the fish a bigger target. As for colors, those are limited as well. He pretty much relies on Phantom chartreuse shad, Ghost minnow and Chartreuse shad. He added, he fishes these baits on 10-pound test.

Gary also has narrowed his selection of RoboWorm colors, going with Warmouth (brown) Margarita Mutilator (grape), Hologram shad and oxblood (natural). This diverse color spectrum is intentional, as he puts it, “When I change colors, I want to change a lot.”

The Ranger pro (with Ranger rep Keith Tripp in the audience) also had some critical advice for those who might be looking to step into the tournament arena: “Work on your weaknesses or work around them with other baits,” he warned. “You need to limit your weaknesses.”


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Very nice summary George. Lots of great advice. I hope no one else reads it 😉 LOL

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Sage advice from the 40 plus boat winner guy….