CARP VIRUS at Elsinore?

A new chapter in the Lake Elsinore fishery is now being written, apparently, as observers believe the increased number of dead carp at the natural lake may be much more than normal spawning mortality. Certainly the city crews have noticed the difference and Pat Kilroy of the Aquatic Resources Dept. told me the carcasses, up to a 1000 a week, are a noteworthy event. (more…)

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I could be wrong, but with today’s announcement of a new high ticket Open in the West–the Bass West USA Open at Clear Lake– I sense this “Upstate showcase” is going to find tough sledding over the next eight weeks. Sure, every inaugural contest must scale the steep hill of credibility and peer acceptance, but the problems that stand out include (more…)

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'TOP' was strongest stitch

FRENCH stitch sample

A couple of weeks back my fishing partner finally decided it was time to get his seats re-upholstered and we did some checking at a number of shops, got bids and had the work begun. (Click here) Today, we went to pick them up, and tomorrow they will be actually installed.

As I previously noted, there was a substantial difference in price, so the old adage, “It pays to shop around” definitely held true. (more…)

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I caught up with him just as he was rolling into Kentucky Lake for the weekend.

His up and down season with the Bassmaster Elites is not what he would have liked, on the other hand, Rick Clunn, at 63, remains one of the most influential anglers in the sport. Unfortunately, a new generation of anglers often tend follow the motorcade with the brightest lights and clearly under-appreciate his high water marks.

Of course, not all. Skeet Reese named Clunn as his angling hero and both (more…)

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No getting around it. Water temperatures are climbing at Lake Elsinore as a wave a pre-fishing qualifiers begins to make their way to the lake. The latest heat streak, temperatures forecast for near 100, and near 90’s all week, have pushed the water as high as 83 degrees on top.

While it will have no bearing on the anglers, this coming week will see part of continuing university study of the sediments in the lake basin. Scientist are attempting to discern weather cycles back to the Holocene period by looking at core samples. (more…)

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Click LakeLevels While once known for its boom and bust cycles and drastic changes in water levels from high to low, that won’t be an issue this year. Starting more than five feet higher than a year ago, there will be plenty of water to fish at Lake Elsinore.

In the short term, that means any shallow cover, except that in a foot of water or so, should still be fishable late this month when the Regional Final for the California Bass Championships is scheduled (June 25).  The one thing the lake sports is a heavy duty forage base, (more…)

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