Maybe you’ve heard. A familiar pattern has emerged in San Clemente as WON Bass will be seeking yet another new editor–its second in 14 months. The reason, Rich Holland, who took over the position (Wait! that was my desk!) just 14 months ago, is stepping away after 24 years with Western Outdoors Publications.

Holland, who built a name and reputation as a saltwater angler/writer/photographer, actually began his career working with the old U.S. Bass Fishing Association, covering tournaments via phone booth or typewriter. (more…)

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As the 2003 U.S. Open champion, Ramona’s John Kerr has been to the top of the mountain in the West. Maybe that’s why he appreciates the desert venue as well as the effort it takes to compete during the brutal summers at Lake Mead.

Though he missed the money in this year’s Open, his 30th place finish was not a total bust. Indeed, there may have been more learned this year than when he finished on top.

Perhaps the biggest lessons to come out of the 2010 U.S. Open were the importance to stay focused and (more…)

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For at least 40 years, fishermen have been riding the notion that catching a new world record bass could be worth a fortune. After more than seven decades, George Perry’s storied catch from 1932 created an oh-so-tempting standard–one barely a fingertip away from fame and riches.

Thus, as we have come to expect from certain anglers, the world record prospect steadily brought out the worst in people trying everything (more…)

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I’m not that much of an alarmist (even after the cheating firestorm of last week). Whether it’s bureaucracies or water districts or any of the common “fear factors,” I can be chafed, but you have to move on. But the country we live in does not take kindly to fishing as it traditionally has–but we all haven’t been paying attention. Bass fishermen, in particular, need to rally. (more…)

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Coming away from the national fishing trade show, it’s only natural that I should still be thinking about toys, er lures. But when I look at those toys as tools, then it’s a little easier to group them, since eventually many will end up in my toy/tool box or whatever tackle system I might employ.

I have special appreciation for the Bill Siemantel philosophy, which, beyond focusing on fish location, is largely tool and technique centered. Although he has designed and continues to design baits for SPRO, he has never discounted any of the baits (more…)

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UPDATED (Monday morning): As I have further considered the most recent caught cheating incident in our area, a couple of things keep coming up in my head. One, when there is massive amount of commotion at the gallows, it’s not easy to see if there is possibly another perpetrator hidden in the crowd, shaking his fist like everyone else. (more…)

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OVERTON ARM in practice

UPDATED (5:30 p.m.)–We now know it is confirmed, Cliff Pirch is the 2010 U.S. Open champion.

Of course, it’s not official here, but still shuddering from the alleged cheating incident (I’m obligated to say it that way, and yes, I heard the pro’s name confirmed by another angler), my running numbers say the winner Clifford Pirch finishes with 31.44 pounds, just ahead of Dick Watson with 30.98 and Rick Clunn with 30.05.

Again, unofficially, I also have Kevin Johnson of Oxnard taking fourth with 30.02 and Morizu Shimizu of Japan in fifth with 29.66, from numbers taken from the daily blog. (more…)

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RICK CLUNN working fast

I got a phone call this afternoon and when I recognized the voice I blurted out, “Why are you calling me?” Heck, it was several hours before weigh-in time at Callville Bay.

“Yeah, I know,” was the sheepish response. Surprisingly, it was San Diego’s John Wick, who went down hard with symptoms of heatstroke and never got out of bed until Monday after 2 1/2 days of trauma. He weighed the possibility of trying to fish after missing a day, but still weak, he chose discretion over valor.

But following the daily weigh-in blog, it was apparent Wick was not alone. Blogger Rich Holland noted half a dozen anglers endured a similar fate, not the least of which was former champion Justin Kerr. (more…)

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JOE URIBE, Jr. in practice

I hope you’re following the weigh-in coverage of the U.S. Open this year. Rich Holland (with Bill Mays as his right hand man) are giving us an enthusiastic weigh-in report. Having been over at Lake Mead last week to sample the fishing and viewing the first-day standings, with this bite the contest is way too close to call.

But beyond the generally consistent action, it was evident from talking to anglers before and during the contest, the conditions are physically demanding. (more…)

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There was a lot going on last week in Las Vegas during the ICAST show and one of the highlights was Berkley Fishing introducing a new website. The redesigned site gives visitors an easy tool to use for exploring multiple angling needs.

With the announcement brand manager Mike Phillips was quoted as saying, “One of the most exciting features of the site is educational videos that will cover topics from knot tying to weather conditions helping teach anglers and increasing their ability to catch more fish.” (more…)

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