There was a lot going on last week in Las Vegas during the ICAST show and one of the highlights was Berkley Fishing introducing a new website. The redesigned site gives visitors an easy tool to use for exploring multiple angling needs.

With the announcement brand manager Mike Phillips was quoted as saying, “One of the most exciting features of the site is educational videos that will cover topics from knot tying to weather conditions helping teach anglers and increasing their ability to catch more fish.”

The site features a wide screen view including new products and the latest news from around the Berkley Fishing world.

“This is a great step toward enhancing the online experience for any level of angler visiting the Berkley website,” added Phillips. “Visitors will be able to navigate easily through each page, with the new look and fresh content and more images throughout the website.”

The site gives users a product navigation shortcut bar on the home page to through the website. Visitors that enter have the capability to pull up product images and use the “zoomifier” to enlarge the detail of each product featured on the site. New specification charts have also been added to the site, providing visitors advanced product information to aid in product selection.

You can see for yourself by clicking on here.