RICK CLUNN working fast

I got a phone call this afternoon and when I recognized the voice I blurted out, “Why are you calling me?” Heck, it was several hours before weigh-in time at Callville Bay.

“Yeah, I know,” was the sheepish response. Surprisingly, it was San Diego’s John Wick, who went down hard with symptoms of heatstroke and never got out of bed until Monday after 2 1/2 days of trauma. He weighed the possibility of trying to fish after missing a day, but still weak, he chose discretion over valor.

But following the daily weigh-in blog, it was apparent Wick was not alone. Blogger Rich Holland noted half a dozen anglers endured a similar fate, not the least of which was former champion Justin Kerr.

Of course, in the competitive picture, Bink Desaro jumping from 38th to first (by my unofficial tally) with 13.34 pounds today to move to 22.32 pounds is a very nice story. Kevin (Hollywood) Johnson is right on his tail with 22.29 pounds followed by 2-time Open Champion Rick Clunn with 22.01, after his 11.79-pound sack today.

Clunn said, “The plan is decent with the wind, though I did get some fish yesterday early when it was dead calm. I’m getting a limit pretty quick–knock on wood–and then I start trying to find some bigger fish.” He then added, “You know how hard that is to do on Lake Mead.”

During practice, of course, the heat registered much higher than it has this week, but there has been some obvious attrition in the field from practice week. Rick was holding up however, and last Friday he had some words for the Elite circuit, saying, “BASS would cancel the day if it got this hot.”

Still, that issue might have to be addressed in the future, perhaps moving this storied competition back into September (though last year was unseasonably hot). It still amazes me that the 63-year old has such game, but he sloughed it off, saying, “I just stay wet.”

I think we’ll see the full results soon, click here.


3 Responses to “Nevada desert winning 2010 U.S. Open”

I wondered what had happened to Wick, that explains why I couldn’t find him in the standings. J-Dub is a great guy, although I have only spent one day in the boat with him- I was his Volunteer Tourny Official when he won the $10k at the HBC-6 back in March. I think you met him just a week or 2 earlier than that, George. I had read your column about him but didn’t realize it was him until he mentioned you. Anyway, I hope he’s OK and all the guys out there are staying hydrated and taking it easy in the heat. I’ve fished Mead the last 2 Septembers and it was hot then, but not like these temps.

Water. Guzzle a quart the SECOND you get out of bed, a quart every hour (minimum!), a POWERBAR Protein Bar every other hour, and a Gatorade type electrolyte drink every hour (in addition to the water). “Not thirsty”, so what, drink another quart of water. Oh yeah, drink so much water it’s sloshing in your gut. At the end of the day if you aren’t peeing clear, then you haven’t taken in enough fluids and are EASILY subject to Dehydration, or possibly worse…. Look at Clunn in that picture: LONG sleeves, LONG pants, WIDE brim, neck covering blue water type hat = No Fool, and a CHAMPION for a reason. I hope he wins!!

Rick Clunn looks like he picked a spot in the middle of nowhere. No wonder he is at the top of the list. He can catch ’em where they ain’t!
Looking closely, it looks like he will have some sun burn on the bare spots on his feet. Ouch