Maybe you’ve heard. A familiar pattern has emerged in San Clemente as WON Bass will be seeking yet another new editor–its second in 14 months. The reason, Rich Holland, who took over the position (Wait! that was my desk!) just 14 months ago, is stepping away after 24 years with Western Outdoors Publications.

Holland, who built a name and reputation as a saltwater angler/writer/photographer, actually began his career working with the old U.S. Bass Fishing Association, covering tournaments via phone booth or typewriter. As a media veteran, Rich was known as one of the hardest workers in the business and one of the champions of key sportfishing causes on the West Coast.

When Holland got the call to take over WON Bass in 2009, he brought lightning fingers, enthusiasm and Internet savvy that allowed him to deliver more information to the public. Despite nagging technical difficulties, his running blog of the U.S. Open weigh-ins in both 2009 and earlier this month, elevated coverage of the tournament to its highest level. Feeding with key information also helped garner national coverage of the seedy Mike Hart cheating incident.

In stepping down, Holland did not announce any future plans, however, I’m pretty sure he’ll get tired of just hanging around.

DIAMOND VALLEY Up, Up, Up–A proposed water swap between the Metropolitan Water District and Central Valley farming interests could raise Diamond Valley Lake to 75 percent of capacity by the end of 2010. So says a copyrighted feature story by Bradley J. Fikes in the Californian newspaper.

Although the deal apparently requires approval by the California Department of Resources, State Water Quality Control Board, U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, as well as the MWD Board of Directors who meet next month, this new water should be flowing by the fall. The article also reports that MWD is only required to pay back the water next year on a 2 acre foot to 3 acre foot rate, likely meaning with normal water transfers from Northern California, the reservoir should remain fishable into 2011 and beyond.


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