'COOL' not enough for me

Sometimes bullet-proof ain’t enough. And come to think of it, style isn’t everything either. So, when it comes to optics for anglers, I can’t tell you how disappointed I was after hanging around the show for the WileyX press conference this past Thursday.

Yeah, they’ve got our Skeet Reese; they’ve got the other Mark Davis; but as an optics manufacturer, they’ve also got short-sightedness (pun intended.) (more…)

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CALLVILLE BAY's new ramp for 2010

After a topsy-turvy weather week, the practice fishing period ended Saturday with even more changes predicted in this week’s forecast. From what I could gather, you had your choice of clouds, wind, even rain (though not in all parts of the lake) as the general consensus was decent to good fishing available Monday at Lake Mead for the start of the U.S. Open.

Although sporting a substantially lower water level (more…)

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There are reasons for hope in the fishing business after all, as we learned at the national fishing tackle trade show–ICAST–this past week.

Specifically, the Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation (RBFF) unveiled new boating and fishing research in its 2010 Special Report on Fishing and Boating.  Conducted by RBFF and The Outdoor Foundation, the report provides “detailed information on participation by gender, age, ethnicity, income, education and geographic region.” What’s more, (more…)

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I sorta get it. Many so-called collectibles were created from promotional gimmicks. Heck, the fact they put bubble gum in packs of trading cards was as much to sell the gum and it was to sell the cards.

Still, when we learned last week that the “post season” for the Bassmaster Elite Series would be marked by Bass Pro Shops (in Prattville, Ala.) giving out one of a set of 12 Elite qualifier cards with each purchase for a chance at 400 prizes in what’s called the “Bassmaster Collect & Win Contest,” (more…)

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I’m over here at the fishing tackle trade show (ICAST) and for all the concerns regarding growing threats from anti-fishing elements, the Gulf oil spill and a bad economy, it’s actually the eminent sale of B.A.S.S. that is the talk within the ranks of pro anglers on the show floor.

As has been previously posted on Bassfan.com, Jerry McKinnis, the former TV host of the Fishin’ Hole and belated B.A.S.S./ESPN color commentator, is the supposed buyer. But the irony of this action, if it proves to be true, is McKinnis was actually a huge opponent of tournament bass fishing before his own show left the air. (more…)

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MARUTO SEMI BARBLESS (click to enlarge image)

The late Pat Marley, legal counsel for the Southern California Bass Council, was a lot of things–certainly an advocate for bass fishing–and a pretty good environmental attorney when it mattered like when he whipped BP in the courts back in the 1990’s.

One thing about Pat, though, he loved to fish. He was not a tree hugger or a fish preservationist, but he was concerned that black bass, as a resource, would be around for all generations. For that reason, he was sometimes even a little (more…)

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I know we live in the big bait era, and I really want to get in on it more. But unlike those fellows who are building up a career of fishing preeminence, I still get a lot of satisfaction in just getting bit. And along the way, when I get bit enough, sprinkled in are a surprising number of decent, if not quality fish in the mix.

Only I’m really not sure why, since a lot of the baits I rely on are pretty small: 4 inch worms and grubs and, of course, I give them a pretty good dose of plain old Road Runners. (more…)

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Rich Schultz tried it many years ago, putting the then fledgling U.S. Open bass tournament on top of national fishing tackle trade show, with little net gain. That’s because, touring pro fishermen don’t usually attend, having little to do with encouraging major buyers and distributors–not the public–to take on products for next year.

For the media, however, anyone who is interested in the West’s major bass tournament (more…)

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LOCAL SUCCESS marked Aaron Martens' jump to the pros

Just like cashing in when the fish finally move on your afternoon spot, good timing, not just good casting is critical. So it is with the efforts of most individuals who hold out hope to turn fishing into a profession.

Unfortunately, now really isn’t the time. Resources are in low supply for the companies that foot the bill for their promotional staffs, especially in the boating industry. (See the latest Strader report.) Ask any media account executive and they’ll tell you: when companies cut costs, a large chunk of cutbacks come from advertising and promotions.

But that doesn’t mean a pro career is a dead issue. (more…)

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What we have known as Bass Angler Guide or BAG has a new monicker these days, but still carries the same high potency dose of bass fishing information. In fact, Bass Angler Magazine says it even better as BAM!

Publisher Mark Lassagne announced, “We are very excited to make this change; dropping the word “Guide” at the end of our name will give readers a clear focus of our direction. Moreover, we want bass anglers to know we are a magazine committed to them, not a once a year calendar or lake guide.”

But there is more to it than just content as you can see, (more…)

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