TONY LAIN on 'em early

Part-time tournament pro Tony Lain may not get all the hours he wants to fish, but this proven performer (most recently a qualifier for the CBC State Championship) regularly delivers in the clutch. And one of his secrets to success is to mine every moment–especially the morning hours.

For the Sun City resident, that means hitting the best water at first light. “In the tournament situation, you want to fish your big fish water–points, humps or flats next to deep water–at that time. That’s prime time for a big bite.”

Depending on the seasonal conditions, what he uses will vary, of course. (more…)

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Here in the West we are known for our finesse fishing. But as we look at what we do, is merely dropping down in size of baits (and the attendant tackle that fishes them better) so clever? I mean, when we go small, have we really “finessed” anything?

I ask that for a good reason after doing some reading this weekend. While I’ve heard reference to threadfin shad spawning more than just once (a year)–and that in early summer–I really hadn’t confirmed that in my head.

And I should have. (more…)

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UPDATED: We have a winner. Thanks for playing this weekend.

As we’re about to do a banner change on the KGF home page, I thought I’d come up with one last contest featuring some nice Sebile baits for the winner. In this case, I’ve got a couple of smaller Magic Swimmers, plus a Bonga Minnow topwater and a Koolie Minnow rip bait. You know what that stuff costs, so it’s a nice take-home for one question (plus a tie-breaker, if necessary). (more…)

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RIB WORM no more?

UPDATED–Not intentionally, but the “bug” that got into my site and shut me down also gobbled up my lead paragraph. The gist of it, I’ve been waiting for a couple of months for a reorder on 4-inch Yum Rib Worms. Instead, today, I got word that one of my favorite worms has been discontinued.

For almost three years, this fatter-than-the-other-guys’ ringed bait has more than made my day on many a trip. I’ve had partners just shrug their shoulders or grit their teeth, once they realized there wasn’t going to be a better way to catch ’em than the Yumster and an 1/8-ounce Owner darthead.

Unfortunately, the bass market sometimes goes with lean and sexy (more…)

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GARY KLEIN, former PAA board member, is leaning toward B.A.S.S. circuit

“Change is good–sometimes.” So says former Oroville resident and 29-time Bassmasters Classic qualifier Gary Klein.

In this instance a lot is changing in his professional career. Not only has ESPN sold B.A.S.S. to a new ownership group led by former TV host Jerry McKinnis, but Klein’s Triton boat sponsor was purchased by Platinum Equities, already holders of Ranger, Champion and Stratos brands.

On the one hand, this might seem like an opportune time to advance the cause of the player driven Professional Anglers Association (PAA) which has commenced its own tour. After all, Gary is a former member of its Board of Directors.

But it’s not happening. (more…)

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We’re pretty used to the U.S. outdoor media ‘homering’  Shimano-Loomis every year, but when it comes to lures and terminal tackle, you’d have to say it’s Sebile that is capturing the world’s attention.

True, not every item is for bass fishing (same as Shimano/Loomis ‘best of shows’) but the fact is, Sebile is drawing attention without offering a me-too version of somebody else’s popular product. (more…)

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UPDATED–Hey, they have part two of this series up now–here.

ORIGINAL POST–Starting today you’ll find the first installment as unveils a series chronicling the enigmatic history of ESPN as the operator of B.A.S.S. (click here). Some things you will remember, and some you won’t, but what stands out for me is the lack of vision by the owners, as they bought one bill of ill-advised goods after another for 10 years. (more…)

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UPDATED–Sorry I missed last Wednesday’s announcement of the demise of the Clear Lake Open. It doesn’t matter how they spin it–it had no chance. I just didn’t get to make that prediction…

ORIGINAL POST: Crazy, California bass fishing. From a roll-the-dice showcase event ahead of a new tour upstate, to stacked prizes for year-end events in WON, everyone is hoping to hit a home run as we close 2010 and look ahead to the New Year.

But rather than wait until those results are in, I’ll say it right now: I’m skeptical. There is no way the BassWestUSA Clear Lake Open (click here) can draw more than 70 boats without repercussions for its announced 2011 schedule of pro-ams. (more…)

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MIKE FOLKESTAD blanked twice at the Forrest Wood Cup (file photo)

UPDATED–Got off the phone with Mike Folkestad earlier this evening. I figured he’d had enough time to digest his stunning two-day blank at Sydney Lanier during the Forrest Wood Cup. Who would have predicted such a result on a clear, deepwater worm bite?

Certainly not Mike as he said, “That was terrible.” But time goes by. “I was bummed for a couple of days. It was the Forrest Wood Cup. You want to bring something up,” he said. “It’s all past now.”

But whether he fishes through that result or if there is some lingering effect, the one thing it showed me is just how narrow a margin there often is between success and failure. (more…)

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2010/08/19 at 9:45 pm
I see you talk about braided line here. What’s the big difference between “fused” like Berkley Fireline and any of the regular braids? They are a little pricey.


Click here for the response.

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