UPDATED–Hey, they have part two of this series up now–here.

ORIGINAL POST–Starting today you’ll find the first installment as Bassfan.com unveils a series chronicling the enigmatic history of ESPN as the operator of B.A.S.S. (click here). Some things you will remember, and some you won’t, but what stands out for me is the lack of vision by the owners, as they bought one bill of ill-advised goods after another for 10 years.

But more than that. It’s obvious, that the bass fishing public (including tournament participants) never understood what ESPN saw in fishing. To them it wasn’t a hobby; it was a way to make money from non-mainstream sports. People want to bash poker, soccer or hotdog slamming. But they actually make money for the network.

In the real world, bass tournaments are much more akin to bowling–only they aren’t as easy to cover as four lanes at the Pin Palace.

Nonetheless, read up on the amazing last decade of B.A.S.S. There must be some lessons to learn for any business.


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Great retrospective. Thanks for bringing light to it.