We’re pretty used to the U.S. outdoor media ‘homering’  Shimano-Loomis every year, but when it comes to lures and terminal tackle, you’d have to say it’s Sebile that is capturing the world’s attention.

True, not every item is for bass fishing (same as Shimano/Loomis ‘best of shows’) but the fact is, Sebile is drawing attention without offering a me-too version of somebody else’s popular product.

In Australia earlier this month, Sebile actually won four awards with their products (one not really a fishing item). That, however, follows a three award showing at the European fishing trade show EFTTEX held in June in Spain.
In that case, they had winners that sounded a lot more “bassy” with the D&S Crank and the Pro-Shad spinnerbait.

At ICAST, held in Las Vegas in July of this year, Sebile had just a solo award winner (though it did knock down two the year before with the Magic Swimmer Soft and the Spin Shad).

Interestingly, the one U.S. winning item, its Soft Weight System with tungsten gum rubber weights, won recognition in all three shows. In other words, people are looking more closely at Sebile for its innovation and for tools that meet angler needs in a new fashion.

This doesn’t mean the U.S. bass market is suddenly going to embrace all the items (that spinnerbait is a departure from what we’re used to) but at least bass anglers have something “new” to look at.  And that’s not bad.


One Response to “Sebile: I guess they want to be taken seriously”

Nice to see someone not in Senko Ripoff mode…… Sebile has pretty nice stuff!